New Year with New Council

  • Written by David B. Clark
The Woodinville City Council bounced back into business in 2018 when they held their first meeting January 2. Before the Oaths of Office or the formal election of Mayor and Deputy Mayor took place, the council members and audience were treated to duo of special experiences. Woodinville’s Boy Scout Troup 909 led the Posting of the Colors and Flag Salute just before the floor was held by Woodinville High School’s Advanced Mixed Choir as they sang the National Anthem. The evening filled with important and weighted business, but the connectivity of the community and its eager, young participants gave a sense of youthful progress at the beginning of what is destined to be a very busy year for Woodinville.
Choir 2“National Anthem” Sung by members of the Woodinville High School Advanced Mixed Choir. Photo by Lauren Broudy-Thompson, Management Analyst, for the City of WoodinvilleAfter the youthful introduction to the evening, King County District Court Judge Lisa O’Toole administered the Oaths of Office for council members Paula Waters, James Evans, Susan Boundy-Sanders, and Bernie Talmas.
Next were the elections of Mayor and Deputy Mayor.
Both elections resulted in necessitating what is called runoff voting. Runoff voting occurs when there needs to be a single winner but the immediate votes are split in such a way that there is not a majority for any candidate.
There was first a runoff between Evans and Talmas for the position of Mayor. Talmas won this first runoff.
Moving forward, the election came to Deputy Mayor. Elaine Cook gathered most of the votes right away, but not the four she needed to win outright. Therefore, there was a runoff to whom would be running against her: Boundy-Sanders v. Evans.
Evans won this runoff.
Thusly, the position for Deputy Mayor was between Evans and Cook.
Cook won this final runoff.
Judge and Council 1King County District Court Judge Lisa O’Toole will administer the Oaths of Office for: Paula Waters, James Evans, Susan Boundy-Sanders and Bernie Talmas. Photo by Lauren Broudy-Thompson, Management Analyst, for the City of WoodinvilleBoth Elaine Cook and Bernie Talmas will serve their respective positions through December 31, 2019.
After, the council conducted a Special Presentation expressing their thanks and gratitude to two former Parks and Recreation commissioners: Paul Cowles and Julie Elsom. Boy Scouts 2Presented by Boy Scout Troup 909 from Woodinville. Photo by Lauren Broudy-Thompson, Management Analyst, for the City of Woodinville
To wrap up the first meeting of 2018, City Manager Brandon Buchanan shared several upcoming events. One of which is the first Chamber Business Luncheon of 2018. Buchanan and Talmas will provide the annual State of the City.
This is an excellent opportunity to network, get involved with the city, and learn more about the future of Woodinville. The luncheon will be held at esteemed winery, Chateau Ste. Michelle (14111 NE 145th Street. Woodinville, WA 98072) on January 18 from 11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. The cost of attending is $35. To learn more about the luncheon or other Woodinville Chamber events, please visit

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