Woodinville celebrates its Silver Jubilee!

  • Written by David B. Clark

The Woodinville community came out in full artistic flair when they flicked their paintbrushes and lent their enthusiasm to the two gorgeous murals that will now act as salutations to the city when they are adorned to the train trestle at 131st Ave NE. Community Paint Day occurred on Saturday, March 10 in the morning and into the afternoon when the “paint-by-numbers’ styled, family-friendly event allowed everyone to embrace their inner artist. With participation from the tiniest of tikes to Woodinville’s longest residents, it was clear that the citizens of Woodinville didn’t mind “dressing for a mess” when they departed the Carol Edwards Center spattered in the rural, natural, and industrial tones used to enliven the brand-new awing stretches of art. Businesses and many other affiliations throughout the Northshore and Woodinville area came out to show their love for the community and indulge their creative capacities. Kimberly Ellertson from the Woodinville Chamber attended as did Police Chief Katie Larson who had commented, “Woodinville PD is In!” Chief Larson showed that the police in Woodinville went above and beyond the protecting portion of their positions when she showcased how serving can be much broader than the basic assumption. The two murals distinctly capture the intrinsic nature of Woodinville and the blossoming progress of spirit, beer, and wine industry, respectively. The former presents an array of tress set against the backdrop of Cascade Mountains. The latter provides the silhouette of a person inspecting what appears to be the quality of their product against the field of barrels and other distilling and fermenting tools.
It was through the diligence and guidance of the City Council that the murals arrived at their respective representations of Woodinville combining them to what it means to the people that live in this city. The development is flourishing but the city itself is grounded in its history as a pristine gem located near the northern tip of Lake Washington.

The excitement continued on Saturday, March 31 at the Hollywood Schoolhouse, which is dubbed the most charming event facility on the Eastside. It is located right in the center of Woodinville’s wine country. A video showcasing the final mural project was unveiled for participants and every other attendee awaiting the new manifestation of community engagement and creative verve. Food, refreshments, and good times were had by all during this family-friendly event.

The city of Woodinville was officially incorporated on March 31, 1993. We at the Woodinville Weekly were delighted to see that the city and its residents have engaged so thoroughly in celebrating the place they call home.


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