Northshore School Board welcomes Duggan Harman

  • Written by David B. Clark
The Northshore School Board met on Monday, March 26 in what has been an impassioned push for the school body and students alike. With student-led demonstrations urging lawmakers to implement stricter gun laws on March 14’s Enough! Walk-out and March 25’s March for Our Lives protest, the students were ushering in new ideas of how the ides of March had sparked drastic change. In lieu of Julius Caesar, students were dismantling the United States of America’s attitude on semi-assault weapons and their accessibility. 
While revolution knocks, business is still handled on the interior. Superintendent Dr. Michelle Reid welcomed and introduced newly appointed Deputy Superintendent Duggan Harman. Harman comes from the Highline School District where he held the title of Chief of Staff and Finance. Harman’s son is a Northshore School District student of North Creek High School where he jogs out to the baseball diamond as a proud Jaguar. Dr. Reid mentioned the many upcoming transitory retirements of Northshore staff aiding Harman with their insight before their departure.
Northshore School Foundation’s Executive Director Carmin Dalziel shared with council and attendees when she began, “I value our partnership and I just wanted to say that out loud.” Dalziel had recently connected with her colleagues and peers all over the nation at an event and was jubilant that a bond and levy vote was a way to engage our community with public schools. She commented that in many communities this was not the case.
Moving forward, the evening entered its typical assessment of everchanging Action Items. There was a request for an approval of district core instructional materials concerning Leadership courses for grades 6-12. After some debate, the council members opted on withdrawing the motion for approval to provide students with time to determine if the supplemental material was necessary. The material, a new text on leadership, would cost the district over $10,000 if implemented to all six middle schools and all four high schools.
The Items on the agenda then largely read whether to approve a broadened selection of technical professionals including architects, engineers, and energy service providers that would be able to work on Northshore School projects. Bob Swain commented on the growing opportunity to work with different companies when he said he was excited that Northshore was, “…expanding our choices to prequalified candidates.” These Items were passed unanimously. 

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