Hindi Language in the NSD

  • Written by David B. Clark
The Northshore School District conducted their first meeting this month on Monday, May 14.
During Dr. Michelle Reid’s Superintendent’s report, Dr. Reid was proud to state that the Northshore School District is looking to continue its diverse educational opportunities. Dr. Reid said, “We’re working on an arrangement so that the Gurukul School of Hindi Language will be able to use one of our high schools as a classroom base to continue the Hindi language and culture program.” Dr. Reid stated that the Bellevue district currently hosts this school at Interlake High School on Sunday afternoons where over 1,300 students attend.
The board talked on the approval of the instructional core curriculum. The Curriculum Materials Adoption Committee (CMAC) initially met April 16 of this year and requested that the Board of Directors approve the materials which largely consists of textbooks with the much needed and pertinent update of “online bundles” for use as core instructional curriculum for mathematics. As education continues to roll further into a more electronic realm, the need for additional resources and materials bridge well over the typical paper and pencil. The board approved the District Core Curriculum for the presented Middle School math of grades 6-8 and EAP grades 4 and 5.
There has been a long history in Northshore about the importance of mathematics. “It’s a more robust curriculum with better support for our students that might struggle in math and gives more enriched options for kids that are ready to soar,” said superintendent Dr. Michelle Reid.
The board went on to discuss how this set students up for success well after high school seeing as how important math skills are in the job force and more advanced college degrees.
The board used a system agreement to upgrade Frank Love for HVAC and a roof upgrade.
There was a tech boost that was decided back in 2016 that was first being felt this year. This was a project proposed and overseen by the Instructional Technology Leadership Committee. This was a “self-select/optional” pilot of a new package of AV equipment for teachers to use in their instructions. The document states that this was to determine whether this was a package of hardware and software that would work as an AV standard for all instructional spaces.
Lydia Sellie prepared a district status report for Dr. Michelle Reid and the Board regarding the budget status report as of March 2018. The report stated that after 58% of the fiscal year having elapsed they had received 57% and spent 57% of budgeted revenues and expenditures.  
For more information on Gurukul please visit their Facebook page:

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