2018 candidates for Washington’s 45th District

  • Written by David B. Clark
Washington’s 45th Legislative District will have three positions on the ballot this November: State Senator, Representative Position 1, and Representative Position 2. Woodinville sits centered in the 45th, with Sammamish to the south, Duvall out east, and Kirkland to the west. Last year, Manka Dhingra (D) defeated Jinyoung Lee Englund (R) giving the Democratic party the slight majority in the Washington State Senate with 25 to the Republican party’s 23.
One member of the Washington Senate (Tim Sheldon) is an Independent Democrat that caucuses with the Republicans.
Dhingra will seek reelection this November. Her opponent this year is Dale Fonk (R). Dhingra states on her campaign website, “To protect what we cherish here on the Eastside, we need new voices with experience and passion committed to leading with compassion and integrity.” Her success last year rode on her positions concerning stricter gun control, women’s reproductive health, and several regarding environmental concerns.
During her first year as State Senator, Dhingra sponsored State Bills to prohibit bump stocks (SB 5992), repeal the death penalty (SB 6052), and require State insurers to provide coverage for abortion and contraception (SB 6219).
Fonk, a Woodinville resident, local business leader, and current member of the Woodinville Rotary, states on his campaign website that, “Manka has failed us. She ran as a moderate Democrat and voted like a downtown Seattle Sawant Socialist Democrat.” Fonk says that, if elected, he will be the Senator to protect the Eastside’s pocket books and represent its values.
As a real-estate developer, Fonk owns several small commercial properties such as three Jiffy Lube buildings, four commercial tenant buildings, and two lease-pads for drive-thru espresso stands.
Washington’s 45th Legislative District has two runners for both Positions 1 and 2 this year.
Representative candidates for Position 1 are Roger Goodman and Michael Curtis.
Goodman, a current Representative of the 45th Legislative District (D), also serves as Chair of the House Public Safety Committee and the Statute Law Committee. Additionally, he is an attorney in private practice in Seattle. He has 10 years of service in the Legislature and has sponsored 187 bills. This last 2018 season he was incremental in passing bills relating to mental health awareness and the first-ever drug take-back program to combat the opioid crisis. Some of his major policy matters include: reducing drunk driving, reducing harm from stalking, sexual assault, harassment, and domestic violence, and preparing the public for emergencies and disasters. Goodman lives in Kirkland.
Curtis, who prefers the Republican party, has a campaign page that leads with what could be a potential slogan stating, “United Together. Ideals Before Ideology – People Before Partisanship.” The page continues, “Something Exciting Is Coming… a new way forward. What if I told you that you that your voice could be heard……because isn’t it about time someone in Olympia was listening? Curtis lives in Redmond.
Representative candidates for Position 2 are Larry Springer and Amber Krabach
Springer, who has served as a Representative for the 45th since 2004, currently serves as the Majority Floor leader. Springer’s consistent priorities are housing, transportation, and education. Springer believes, “that our quality of life is defined by our region’s natural beauty. I understand that preserving our quality of life requires a thoughtful balance between respecting individual property rights and the need to assure healthy neighborhoods, open space, and clean air and water.” Springer was the Mayor of Kirkland from 2000-2003 and served on Kirkland City Council from 1994-2004. Springer lives in Kirkland.
Krabach, who prefers the Republican party, is running for her first elected position. She was an inner-city preschool educator from 1999-2001 and has been a stay-at-home mom for the last 16 years. Krabach states, “I have volunteered as a vocalist at Redmond’s TBCS (4 years), as well as a vocalist, nursery manager, and bible/theology teacher at Woodinville’s Avondale Bible Church.” Krabach says that the 45th needs accountability and transparency. Krabach writes, “We throw millions at addiction and homelessness without addressing the underlying causes. The issues are only getting worse! The problem isn’t revenue, it’s poorly prioritized spending.” Krabach lives in Woodinville.
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