2018 Candidates for Congressional District 1

  • Written by David B. Clark
Washington’s 1st Congressional District stretches from the northern reaches of the Eastside containing Woodinville, Kirkland, and Redmond and then reaching up into most of Northwest Washington.
There are 435 congressional districts in the United States with Washington state holding 10 of those. Since the election in 2016, those 10 are nearly split with six Democrat Representatives and four Republican Representatives. Each district elects one representative for a two-year term to the US House of Representatives. This year there are five candidates running for Representative position.
Suzan DelBene (D) has been the Representative for the 1st District since 2012. DelBene writes on her campaign website, “I’m focused on working to move past the rhetoric in Washington, D.C., and deliver results for the working families and businesses of the 1st District. It’s time we have leaders in Washington, D.C. that put people above politics, and have the experience and determination to help create jobs and build an economy that works for all.” DelBene had a 12-year career with Microsoft where she climbed to the executive level. Outside of her private sector success, DelBene served as an adviser to Global Partnerships, a micro-finance nonprofit that provides loans for people in poverty. DelBene lives in Kirkland.
Robert Mair states that he has no party preference. Mair lives in Redmond.
Adam Pilskog is an unaffiliated, independent candidate. Pilskog states on his campaign blog, “I value education, health care, innovation, and environmental protection. I hold a conservative approach to fiscal policy, and a liberal to libertarian approach to social issues. I view politics as a public service, not a career and am interested in implementing real solutions for the greater good.” Pilskog lives in Monroe.
Jeffrey Beeler (R) moved from Mukilteo to Sultan in 2000 where he lives with his wife and three kids. Beeler has been involved in Sultan’s City Council since 2009 where he has been re-elected three times. He is currently an alternate on Puget Sound Regional Council Transportation Policy Board where he was elected by cities in Snohomish County. Beeler states on his campaign website, “I have always had a desire to be active in my community to make where I live a better place.  This is where my family lives and I’ve always felt if you are going to complain you had better be willing to step up and help make the decisions that will make a difference.” Beeler lives in Sultan.
Scott Stafne (R) is a licensed attorney whose expertise lies in constitutional law. Stafne states on his voter’s pamphlet, “I am a “Lincoln” Republican that believes each citizen deserves a representative that focuses on protecting the Constitution and the constituents they serve.” Stafne says that he has built his career defending people and small businesses. Stafne lives in Arlington.
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CORRECTION: In the May 28 issue of The Woodinville Weekly we incorrectly stated that Woodinville was part of the 1st Legislative District. Woodinville is part of the 45th Legislative District. The story was referring to the 1st Congressional District which Woodinville and the other cities listed are all a part of. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.
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