Superintendent Reid’s Contract Renewed

  • Written by David B. Clark

On Monday, June 25th, Dr. Michelle Reid signed a contract with the Northshore School District to continue her duties as Superintendent for the next three years. Her contract specifies that she will perform her services for the District from July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2021. This came after a glowing annual review given by the Board of Directors: President David Cogan, Vice President Amy Cast, and Directors Jacqueline McGourty and Bob Swain.

The Board stated that Dr. Reid was making adequate progress with the Superintendent P-9 Parameter Equity, the only Policy Governance policy the Board completed in time for Dr. Reid’s annual review. Because of this, the Board also included a thorough list of Dr. Reid’s professional accomplishments over the last year. The Board stated, “The District Student Board and District Student Diversity and Equity Committee were initiated. Dr. Donna Ford was brought to our district sparking a change to access to our Highly Capable program. Dr. Julie Causton also was invited to our district and began a conversation around our inclusive practices. You [Dr. Reid] also brought on an assistant director for high school graduation success.” It is also to note that Superintendent Reid nixed fees for elementary music education which significantly boosted student participation.

The Board then listed the areas they felt that Dr. Reid had exceeded expectations including the passing of the Technology Levy and Bond, her security and safety work by speaking with the community and hiring additional support in those areas, and even her diligence to implement House Bill 2242 which fully funded the state’s program of basic education by providing equitable education opportunities through reform of state and local education contributions.
Moving on to Action Items yielded the Board to make more decisions upon how the Superintendent should maintain and regulate the Northshore School District. Policy Governance No. P-6, Relationship with Students, Staff, Parents and the Public, was first. This Policy states, “The Superintendent shall establish and maintain a learning environment that is safe, respectful, and conducive to high student achievement for each student. The ideal student learning environment will promote a sense of belonging, be vibrant and inclusive, and have rules that are fair and equitable.” This policy demands that the Superintendent provide a safe and supportive educational environment for the students and staff. This goes as far as to mandate these same physical elements need to bridge the gap into the digital world with guarantees to protect students from cyber-bullying and guard against unsafe content on the internet.

P-7, Student Learning Environment followed. This policy states, “The Superintendent shall not fail to establish and maintain a culture that treats all people with respect, courtesy and dignity. The Superintendent shall not fail to maintain effective links with community support groups and community leaders to ensure they are kept informed on the district’s work.” This policy is geared on the promise of protecting confidential information, boosting public communication and collaboration, and prohibiting any form of illegal discrimination.

Both motions carried unanimously.

Superintendent Reid stated on her Superintendent Blog on June 22, “As a final update on my sojourn through the district, I can finally say today that I have met my goal of getting into all of our classrooms. With my final school visit to Sunrise Elementary School, and wow, that was an exciting place to be that morning, I can proudly state that I have visited 1124 classrooms as of today. It is so great to get out and meet our students and staff. There are so many amazing moments that I cherish from my visits. Never doubt that regardless of your role in this work, that you are making a difference. We have so many amazing lessons learned both large and small. I look forward to the coming year.... Imagine the possibilities...”

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