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  • Written by David B. Clark

The ever-present tech buzz is going to get a bit louder in Woodinville. Last month, KBS Reality Advisors, a company out of Newport Beach, California whose current real estate investments are valued at $11.42 billion, leased an 11,995 square foot property at The Park at Woodinville (14103 NE 200th Street, Woodinville, WA 98072) to Northwest Event Technology.

Northwest Event Technology produces and designs audio, video, lighting, and other elements for big events like trade shows or conferences. The company covers the entire gamut of producing technological elements from managing hardware and software to providing floor plans. General Manager of Northwest Event Technology Matthew Everham explained why the company is making its jump from their current home in Redmond to Woodinville. Simply put Everham said, “Space.” He continued, “We have outgrown our current facility in Redmond and the new Woodinville location had the warehouse size we were looking for and the expanded office space we were desperate to find.  The combination of expanded warehouse and office space along with the location made it a win, win, win for us.”

Everham believes that this is move is going to benefit Woodinville and surrounding communities. Everham talked on the possibilities the property has for Northwest Event Technology’s highly regarded training and education activities because of “Flex Space,” a term architects and designers first used but has picked up pace in the business community. This type of setting allows for typical offices or cubicles, loading areas, and multi-purpose warehouses that can serve as event floors or manufacturing meccas. Everham explained that the company will be, “…able to turn parts of the warehouse into comfortable classrooms to support factory training from the giants in our industry, as well as one-on-one, and hands-on training on software and hardware in the performance arts and live event industry.” The facilities are going to be able to host job trainings and certifications for employees in both King and Snohomish counties. “We think we have found the perfect home to grow our talent base and our opportunities to train, hire, and promote local labor,” said Everham. Some of Everham’s passions are honesty and teamwork. He volunteers and feels that, “it is important to give back to the community in which you live.”

Northwest Event Technology has submitted drawings to the city and is currently waiting for tenant approval to do tenant improvements. When the company procures the permits from the city and makes their enhancements the company will be ready to move in to their new home. “Hopefully [we’ll] be in by September 1, if not sooner.”

Everham’s enthusiasm for the big move is apparent. He concluded with, “We are excited to get this move going and look forward to the next chapter of our growing business.”

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