Civic Campus Firm Profile

  • Written by David B. Clark

Over two months ago on June 19, Woodinville City Council voted to approve the Civic Campus Partnership’s (WCCP) plans to completely revamp the Old Schoolhouse and surrounding area to create a vibrant pulse in the center of the city. The partnership itself consists of Mainstreet Property Group LLC and HAL Real Estate.

WCCP has aligned the project in five separate pillars that all coalesce to create a unique area that will act as the central hub of Woodinville. The most important idea that governs this process is that this revitalized area will be a centralized gathering place for the community. While development is central to this reworking, WCCP understands the importance of retaining and restoring the Old Woodinville Schoolhouse. What is now derelict and was recently slipping into the folds of history can be transformed into a mecca that honors its roots while growing into the modern world. The recreation center will also be retained as its importance for active community gatherings is unparalleled. WCCP is focused on the financial feasibility of the project; making it worth the money that will be spent to create such an epicenter while limiting the risk concerned with undertaking such a monumental project.

The project is not only fleshed out and confirmed but moving fast. Mainstreet Property Group President and Co-Founder Kelly Price has been involved since the preliminary workings of this project. Now he is working with the city throughout the entitlement process, setting up multiple milestones. The project is slated to break ground next summer. The entirety of the project is estimated to only take 24 months, setting a grand opening for the summer of 2021. “The City wanted to see this happen. Everyone wants this project to move,” said Price. “We’re all about building community.”

Price is jovial, exuberant, and extremely down-to-earth when he speaks of Woodinville’s Civic Campus project. He leads MainStreet Property Group’s operations and strategies utilizing over 20 years of experience.

Woodinville has looked at the successes of Price’s work in downtown Kenmore and Bothell as clear examples of how this kind of development boosts a community. The Junction in Bothell, which was completed last autumn, has almost exactly the same amount of square footage, 30,000, for commercial space as the Civic Campus project. While the Civic Campus does not have any confirmed commercial partners attached at this time, The Junction has a selection of trendy restaurants and specialty stores such as a gourmet cupcake shop which can lead curious Woodinville residents to imagine what will be available in just a short two years.

In addition to the commercial space, The Civic Campus is a mixed-use project. This allows it to consist of more than 270 residential units, the construction of new YMCA space, restoration and renovation of the 18,000 sf Historic Woodinville Schoolhouse, and design and construction of over 30,000 square feet of public outdoor spaces.

Price knows what a destination Woodinville is becoming largely due to the lush scenery, excellent libations, and a sense that separates you from the city while still being just a quick ride away from metropolis. He sees the Civic Campus as an excellent initial greeting or perfect goodbye to those that travel to and from the city.

Though the Civic Campus will certainly act as a destination for those outside of the city, Price is most interested in how the residents will utilize this new hotspot. With everything considered Price said, “We [WCCP] want to create unique spaces in the heartbeat of the community.” With a knack for delivering on the details, Price envisions a transformation for Woodinville that stretches the entire scope of community. He said he is most excited to envision a perfect summer evening with an outdoor movie showing that’s gathered 1,000 people in the new 30,000 square feet of open space. Above, on the first and second floors of the renovated Old Schoolhouse, there are people eating, drinking, and having ice cream. Everyone is simply enjoying themselves, together.

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