Dr. Reid’s Emergency Successors

  • Written by David B. Clark

The Northshore School District Board met on August 13 where Superintendent Michelle Reid received high praise from the board when she outlined the compliances of her position.

Dr. Reid presented two of these parameters, the first of which was the General Executive Constraints. These are policies that define what methods cannot be used when conducting the work of the district. This ensured that the NSD Board of Directors established that the Superintendent does not have complete and full freedom in making decisions about how to accomplish the District’s goals. The board is responsible with providing the District’s goals.

“I just want to say how impressed I am with Dr. Reid with how comprehensive she is in her approach for all of these things. She does rely on the expertise of her highly educated staff to provide her and us with information and data to back up our progress and Dr. Reid’s progress and the progress that’s happening in the school buildings,” commented Director Bob Swain.

In addition, Dr. Reid presented a review of the Superintendent Parameter 2 which consisted of a list of her three emergency Superintendent successors if anything were to happen to the superintendent making it so she was unable to perform her duties. She designated Deputy Superintendent Duggan Harman as her immediate successor with Heather Miller, the Assistant Superintendent, to follow if Miller was unable to perform the Superintendent tasks.

Director Sandy Hayes explained that this is especially important to make sure the District has someone who is able to perform as the Superintendent despite stubbornness to “do the good work” despite their own conditions which had been troublesome in the District’s past. “It’s a good thing to get covered,” finished Hayes.

The Board also voted to accept funds from the Learning Assistance Program (LAP) grant to “implement a Learning Assistance Program that will focus first on addressing the needs of students in grades kindergarten through 4th who are deficient in reading or reading readiness skills to improve reading literacy.” The Board only had to vote to accept these funds, not how to allocate them as every elementary school will receive funds from the grant.

The entirety of the Board looks forward to the 2018-2019 school year. As always, the public, including students, are welcome to attend the NSD meetings.

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