Fall 2018 Classroom Grant winners announced!

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff
The Northshore Schools Foundation is proud to announce the award of 25 Classroom Grants for the 2018-2019 school year.Our teachers have amazing projects and programs in mind to enhance the learning opportunities for their students. From  cultural nights to music program enhancements and robotics to strengthening literacy skills, our teachers are finding innovative ways to help our students succeed! 
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Please join us by celebrating the following projects and teachers:
Bothell High School
Augment middle school and high school libraries for FSA students
Natalie Pullen – Impact: Special Populations (ELL, Learning Center, Special Education, etc.)
Canyon Creek Elementary
Bilingual books for school library
Jordan Holley – Impact: 100+ students
Graphic Novels
Lisa Reid – Impact: 1-2 Classrooms
Stability Seating
Molly Goodspeed – Impact: 1-2 Classrooms
Sensory Toolboxes
Traci Svee, OTR/L – Impact: Entire Elementary School
Frank Love Elementary School
Dramatic Play Kits
Regan Stanford – Impact: 100+ students
EDU Breakout Kits at Frank Love
Steffanie Persyn –Impact: 1-2 Classrooms
Fernwood Elementary School
Color At Home Reading Materials
Colleen Johnson – Impact: 100+ students
Hollywood Hill Elementary School
Just right 1st grade books
Denise Waters for Lindsay Talbott and Nicole Lamba – Impact: 1-2 Classrooms
Kokanee Elementary School
Books Reflecting Diversity
Colleen McIntosh – Impact: Entire Elementary School
Moorlands Hill Elementary School
Dynamic Seating at Moorlands
Mary Neifert – Impact: 100+ students
North Creek High School
Spectrophotometer for Chemistry class
Michaela Heeb-Kelly – Impact: 100+ students
Northshore Middle School
Brainpop tool
Corey Wackerly – Impact: Special Populations (ELL, Learning Center, Special Education, etc.)
Una Cena Juntos Como Familia
Trudy Swain – Impact: Entire Middle School
Secondary Academy for Success
Non-fiction books for School Library
Cheryl Steenson – Impact: Entire High School
Sorenson Early Childhood Center
Tables and Chairs for Occupational and Physical Therapy
Paula Busch – Impact: 100+ students
Timbercrest Middle School
Computer Numerical Control Machine
Eric Wilcox – Impact: 100+ students
Woodin Elementary School
Ukeleles at Woodin
Melody Lee – Impact: 100+ students
Mental and Emotional Health Tools
Shannon DuCharme and Christine Ro – Impact: Special Populations (ELL, Learning Center, Special Education, etc.)
Books Reflecting Diversity
Woodin 2nd Grade Team- Kimberly Ratti, Jeanine Layes, Heather Roy, Jeny Siboret – Impact: 100+ students
Rekenreks at Woodin
Yaravi Angell (and K/1 team) – Impact: 100+ students
Roots of Empathy program
Donnianne Noble – Impact: Entire Elementary School
Kaufman Kits
Julie Elwell – Impact: Special Populations (ELL, Learning   Center, Special Education, etc.)
STEM Backpacks
Stephanie Dunnewind – Impact: 100+ students
Flexible Seating
Jeny Siboret – Impact: 1-2 Classrooms

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