Snohomish County Seeks Community Feedback for Southwest Urban Growth Area Boundary Planning Study

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff

Snohomish County’s Department of Planning and Development Services (PDS) announced an on-line survey at to gather public input for the Southwest Urban Growth Area Boundary Planning Study. Obtaining feedback from those who live, work, and play in Snohomish County about their quality of life and improvements they would like to see is at the heart of everything the county does. The Southwest Urban Growth Area (SWUGA) Boundary Planning Study (BPS) is no different. It is a high-level study of existing conditions and opportunities and constraints which can inform future planning choices. As part of the BPS, an online survey is available until April 26 for community members in the SWUGA BPS area, and outside the area, to give their feedback.

The study area includes lands currently designated and zoned rural uses extending eastward from the SWUGA to Broadway Ave, north to Cathcart and south to the county line. It includes the Maltby Urban Growth Area (UGA) for context, as a key center.  No changes to land use or boundaries are proposed for Maltby UGA or any other portion of the Boundary Planning Area as part of this study.

The area has been chosen for study given it is adjacent to a fast-growing portion of the SWUGA. The study provides an opportunity to develop comprehensive information on environmental, socio-economic, infrastructure cost, and policy implications to inform future planning efforts. 

Using public outreach results and technical information, the study can help identify what currently works well and what doesn’t in the SWUGA BPS area (e.g. roads within and beyond the study area). The study will also identify opportunities and constraints under different future growth scenarios in the currently designated-rural lands in the study area. This includes a scenario with no change to existing land use and zoning designations in the project study area.  The scenarios allow the county to consider implications for environmental, social, capital/infrastructure, and fiscal conditions. The study itself is not proposing actions to change land uses, zoning or UGA boundaries.
Information generated in the study will be available when future planning initiatives are developed in the county such as the 2023 Snohomish County GMA Comprehensive Plan Update.

For more information on the SWUGA BPS, please visit

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