More Changes on the Woodinville City Council

One seat was empty for the Woodinville City Council meeting, with Councilmember James Evans being absent.  It became quickly became apparent why when an agenda item was added for Resolution No. 541 declaring a vacancy on the council and adopting a process to fill it.  Brandon Buchanan, City Manager, stated he had received notification just prior to the meeting from Councilmember Evans handing in his resignation, effective May 31. 

Given that Evans resigned after the candidate filing period for the 2019 November elections, whoever is appointed to his position will hold it until the next election for in 2021.  The Council opted to move forward with the trying to fill the position by June 18, 2019.  Applications are due June 10, 2019 at the close of business.  Interviews will take place on June 18 and a selection will be made by the current council members.  To be considered for the position, the applicant must be a resident of Woodinville and submit an application by the due date. 
During the second public comment section of the meeting, Nicolas Duchastel, a candidate for the City Council, commented that he found the timing of Mr. Evans resignation suspicious and he hoped the council would be fully transparent on who was appointed to finish serving Mr. Evan’s term.

The Council approved Resolution No. 540, approving the King County Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan.  The plan provides an outlook for waste management for up to twenty years.  King County approved the plan and now needs King County cities to approve it as well.  Some of the goals of the plan are to increase recycling rates.  Currently King County residents have a recycling rate of 54%.  The goal of the plan is to reach a rate of 70%.  Part of the move to increase recycling will focus on the education of residents to “Empty, Clean and Dry” their recycling. 

The membership requirements for the Public Spaces Commission were modified with the first reading of Ordinance No. 684 which allows for members to reapply after serving two terms rather than stepping off the commission for at least year.  The changes in the requirements are to match what has been adopted for the Planning Commission. 

The Council also approved the Planning Commission’s work plan for 2019 including projects continuing into the year 2020. The projects for 2019 include working on the Shoreline Master Program update, the Tourist Business Zoning Height Amendment, project permit procedures and land division regulations, land uses and use specific development standards and zoning map/overlays. 

City Manager Buchanan gave an update of street projects.  The paving of North NE Woodinville Way should be completed by May 29.  The Sammamish Bridge Project will be closed for paving scheduled for June 4-5. 

Several public comments were made in regards to the paving project on NE 195th St/164th Ave NE.  The road is used by many parents to drop their students off at either Wellington Elementary or Leota Middle School.  Neighbors are concerned at the safety situation on the road.  Gianna Miller spoke about her daughter recently being hit by a car on this road and how she wants more safety measures included in the project 

Mayor Elaine Cook requested during her reporting time that the city bring the Council a review of the project plan for the paving project prior to sending it out for bids.  City Manager Buchanan said this review will be scheduled at the next Council meeting. 

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