Park and Ride costs ahead

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff
The King County Council passed an ordinance increasing  the number of paid permit parking spaces for single use vehicles at high-use Metro Park and Rides that will be implemented this fall.  Permit prices will range from $60-$120 per month.  High-use park and ride sites are defined as facilities with 90% or greater weekday occupancy.  Car pools/high occupancy vehicles will be given free permits.  An ORCA Lift low-income holders will pay $20 for the parking permit.  The most permitted spots allowed at park and rides will be up to 50% of the facility’s parking stalls. The spots will be restricted from 4 am – 10 am Monday through Friday.  The spots after 10 am will then be open to all transit users.
The table below outlines the fees at local park and rides:
Park & Ride Facility SOV / Monthly Permit Fee
Bear Creek Park & Ride / $90
Bothell Park & Ride /  $90
Kenmore Park & Ride / $90
Redmond Park & Ride / $90
South Kirkland Park & Ride / $90

The council members indicated they have heard complaints about lack of parking at park and rides.  The other hope is that this plan will spread usage of mass transit alleviating the overcrowding on some bus routes as transit riders will now know they will have a parking spot later in the morning. The plan will be flexible and will be adjusted if parking lots are not fully utilized.  Council member Claudia Balducci said the hope of this new system is to increase access. 
Council member Kathy Lambert was concerned that the parking plan will shift the burden of the lack of parking onto those who arrive early to the lots only to find that half the stalls are reserved for permit holders and that people may not have the flexibility of what time their work day starts.
An outside vendor, Republic Parking Northwest, will enforce the paid parking rules including issuing citations and handling customer complaints and appeals.  The new plan is projected to generate net revenues of $523,449 in the 2019-20 year and $1,278,396 in the 2021-2022 year.
The Council passed the ordinance approving the plan by a 5-3 vote.  The three council members who voted no were Reagan Dunn, Kathy Lambert and Pete von Reichbauer. 

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