Property Tax Relief for Seniors

  • Written by Brooke Knight
Property Tax Relief for Seniors

Many older adults in our local community have found that the home they purchased many years ago has increased in value significantly.

This can be a huge asset to them if and when they decide to sell it. But along with increased home values comes increased property taxes. Seniors who assumed they could continue to afford their homes because they are paid off are often surprised to find property taxes in our region make living in their homes unaffordable.

In 2018, property taxes on the average home in Woodinville were $6,364. Seniors receiving an average Social Security payment of $17,064 might spend more than 37 percent of their total annual income spent on property taxes.

What many seniors don’t know is that there is help available! If you are a senior or are disabled, own your home, and have less $40,000 of income annual, you could qualify for property tax relief. In 2020, this income level goes up to $58,423 for people living in King County.

Evidence suggests that only 1 in 100 eligible seniors are taking advantage of this program. For more information on how to access this program, you can visit or call the Northshore Senior Center at 425-487-2441. A staff person focused specifically on ensuring that seniors are accessing all the benefits they are eligible will be happy to help. 

Northshore Senior Center is committed to helping older adults stay healthy, vibrant and in their homes as long as they’d like.

Brooke Knight is the CEO of the Northshore Senior Center.

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