Schoolhouse District will provide a ‘personal experience’

  • Written by Madeline Coats


The Schoolhouse District will offer residential living, activities, dining and cultural attractions, sports and recreation, markets and more. Anticipated completion is summer 2021. Artist’s concept courtesy of the city of Woodinville

There are currently four different districts in Woodinville: Warehouse, Hollywood, West Valley and Downtown. Soon there will be one more: the Schoolhouse District. 

The fifth district will offer options for residential living, dining and cultural attractions, sports and recreation, retail businesses, public facilities and a wine walk. Each of these elements will be available by foot, bike, car or public transportation and provide a new place to eat, play, meet and celebrate. 

“In its entirety, The Schoolhouse District will provide a personal experience,” The Schoolhouse District website states. “Grab your latte, get a workout in, meet friends for happy hour, and taste a new wine or share small moments with your family at home. People have a variety of needs that must be fulfilled and the Schoolhouse District will provide a variety of options.”

MainStreet Property Group, a full-service Kirkland-based developer, partnered with the city of Woodinville and HAL Real Estate to start construction on the Schoolhouse District last May. It’s expected to be completed by winter 2021.

The project includes the restoration and renovation of Woodinville’s Historic Schoolhouse No. 23, which was built in 1909 and has stayed empty for the last decade.

“When MainStreet was selected as development partner for this project, we knew we needed to design an iconic new place within the City with the old Schoolhouse as it’s heart-beat,” said MainStreet Property Group President Kelly Price. “The Schoolhouse District is a transformative project for Woodinville and we are excited to get moving with construction activities.”

The project is being constructed adjacent to City Hall and the Woodinville Fields. During construction, the North Field parking lot is closed daily from 5 a.m. to 4 p.m.

A news release said construction for the project began May 13, 2019. Concrete started in late summer and workers are expected to begin building vertically in spring 2020. The Schoolhouse will be constructed that following summer. 

Management Analyst Maia Knox said the City contributed $5.8 million for renovation and construction of the two public facilities, in addition to intersection signalization and ground support. The City is also transferring ownership of the Schoolhouse and land. 

“The City is excited to be turning the Civic Campus vision into a reality,” City Manager Brandon Buchanan said. “We’re bringing together a diverse group of partners to restore the Old Woodinville Schoolhouse, renovate and expand the City’s recreation center, and create dynamic new public spaces to anchor our downtown area.”

The news release said the restored schoolhouse will remain a historical landmark building, but new retail businesses are anticipated to fill the first and second floors. 

About 260-275 multifamily residential units will be created for housing in the Schoolhouse District. The units will span across two buildings, which are already named The Class and The Chalk. 

With the help of the City, the existing YMCA will renovate 8,000 square feet. Nearly 8,500 square feet of childcare space will be added to accommodate up to 120 children.

There will be 20,000 square feet of proposed retail, restaurant and commercial space. This includes “Wine Walk Row,” which will feature up to 11 wine tasting spaces and room for outdoor seating areas, lighting, landscaping and public art. 

Lastly, about 40,000 square feet will be dedicated to public open space, including a Market Street promenade for City events. This area will also include outdoor dining and seating, a chalkboard wall, game areas, public art and field-viewing spaces.

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