Young entrepreneurs develop business-administration App

  • Written by Bob Kirkpatrick
Founders of HELP LLC from left are Zyad Elgohary, Shreshth Kharbanda, Bilal Elmohandes, Zayn Patel and Khalid Elhousieny. Bob Kirkpatrick|Woodinville Weekly

Have you ever felt uneasy having to continually contact a service-oriented provider to complete a task that needed repeating on a weekly basis?

Well, so has Zyad Elgohary, on many occasions as a matter of fact, which lead to the development of the HELP business App.

“I came up with the idea about a year ago after our lawnmower broke down,” Zyad said. “My mom wanted me to ask a person in our neighborhood who is a landscaper if he would mow it. A couple of weeks later, I asked him again and after the third request, it felt pretty uncomfortable, so I brought up the idea of making an App for the neighborhood. People could press a button if they needed their lawn mowed or leaves raked and then he’d come and do it and that would eliminate the odd interaction of having to ask.”

Zyad said the landscaper seemed interested so he got excited about it and began to question; what if there wasn’t someone in your neighborhood that could provide landscaping services?

After thinking about it for a while he came up with three ways one might be able to find someone: search Google for a landscaper near me, get a phone number from one of those picket signs you often see alongside the road or get a phone number off a landscape vehicle you see driving around.

“While I was thinking how I could somehow lessen the hassle of people searching the Internet or randomly driving by a sign or a truck I thought, ‘Why not try and develop an App for a variety of services —sort of like an Amazon for business services for customers and for businesses to be able to interact in a professional way with their customers.”’

Zyad is a junior at Woodinville High School. His parents emigrated from Egypt. He is heavily involved in the Future Business Leaders of America(FBLA) and is currently pursuing an Associate degree in Art and Sciences at Bellevue College and plans to transfer to the University of Washington and major in Computer Science with a minor in Entrepreneurship. 

“Prior to starting HELP, I’ve been involved in multiple startups including an organization dedicated to more easily bring college information to high school students as well as religious organizations dedicated to efficient classroom management,” Zyad said.

In April of 2019, his FBLA club was involved in a state competition to develop a business plan so he submitted his idea for the HELP App.

“I didn’t win, but came close,” Zyad said. “Then I started talking to my friend Zayn Patel who is an FBLA and DECA member at Woodinville High School and he got excited about the idea.”

So the two joined forces to work on perfecting the App. Zayn has placed in the Top 4 in competitions for both clubs, is a member of the Honor Society and the DoSomething Global Club Leaders Program.

“We then thought we’d need a coder on board to help further the development of the App,” Zayn said. “So we asked our friend Bilal Elmohandes who attends WHS, too, who is also heavily involved in FBLA studying Computer Science in the Running Start Program at Cascadia College and is planning to transfer to University of Washington if he wanted to be a part of this as well.” 

Upon the completion of the App, the trio formed HELP and registered is as a Limited Liability Company (LLC).

They then decided to bring on Shreshth Kharbanda who goes to North Creek High School on board. He placed second place at the State FBLA competition in Mobile App Development.

“I am a Mobile Developer at Discover Artificial Intelligence. I am also the co-founder/CTO at CHED (Clean Hybrid Electric Device),” Shreshth said. “I am passionate about solving problems in today’s world through technology, such as mobile application development, artificial intelligence, and software development.

“I have participated in a plethora of technology competitions and recently ranked among the Top 15 mobile application developers in the nation as part of FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America), as well as placing first in state for Webmaster through TSA (Technology Student Association).”

Having these guys being a part of the team was fabulous, Zyad said, but they still needed someone with a knack for marketing so they reached out to another friend, Khalid Elhousieny, who attends Inglemoor High School and Bellevue College.

“I have been heavily involved in FBLA and DECA as well the last two years and have taken numerous college-in-the-high-school classes, which helped me get my Associates in Arts & Sciences quicker,” Khalid said. “I plan to transfer these credits to the University of Washington in Seattle. I am passionate about helping people through technology, and I try to be involved in any organization that will accomplish that.”

An inspired and knowledgeable group of young men to say the least, but they haven’t got to the point they are now without a highly qualified mentor’s guidance and advice.

“The Business Instructor at Woodinville High School, Mr. Coby Dilling has played a huge roll in this,” Zyad said. “He’s owned multiple businesses.”

Dilling has been unavailable for comments.

At the end of this past summer, Zyad said the group approached some local business to try and get them to come on board once their App is up and running, and have found some success in doing so.

“We have seven businesses in three different industries that are very interested,” he said. “There is Magic Hands, a big cleaning company in Woodinville, landscaping companies in Issaquah and Redmond and a few photography businesses, too.

“The biggest obstacle we faced was trying them to convince them to use their website and change our approach and make more of a business administration App.”

The App, Help-Get Things Done, is now live on iOS and Andriod. 

The ultimate goal Zyad said is to be a hub for anyone that wants to start a service-oriented business.

“We want them to know that HELP is where you want to go to do that.”

The group can be found on social media outlets Instagram at realhelpllc, Facebook at therealhelpllc and on Twitter @llc_help. They can also be reached by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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