City takes action to slow down drivers

  • Written by Madeline Coats


The stretch of road throughout the Tourist District
will decrease to 35 mph and then pick up
to 40 mph near Chateau Ste. Michelle. 

Things are about to slow down in Woodinville…at least on some portions of the road on State Route 202. 

City Council voted unanimously to reduce the speed limit along certain portions of Woodinville-Redmond Road, otherwise known as SR 202, at a meeting Feb. 4. The ordinance amends Chapter 10.06 of the Woodinville Municipal Code. 

“This reduction in speed limits has been of great interest to the city for a number of years,” Public Works Director Rick Roberts said. “We initiated discussions with WSDOT probably four or five years ago.”

The previous speed limit for SR 202 was 45 mph from 128th Place Northeast, near Wilmot Gateway Park, to southern city limits. 

This measure lowers the limit to 35 mph from the first roundabout near Cougar Crest Estate Winery to Woodinville Whiskey Co. From there, the speed limit increases to 40 mph until the road ends.

In more technical terms, the speed limit decreases to 35 mph from milepost 2.94 to milepost 2.07. It increases to 40 mph from milepost 2.07 to milepost 0.70. 

Roberts said the speed limits will be officially changed five days after publication of the ordinance, although nothing can be enforced until new signs replace the old ones. 

Several councilmembers expressed concern about an influx of tickets for residents due to the significant drop in speed. Councilmember Chuck Price, who was elected into office earlier in the meeting, said some “people have been driving that stretch of SR 202 at the same speed for over 50 years.” 

According to the ordinance, there have been several requests over the years to reduce the speed limit on various sections of SR 202, most notably in the Tourist District. Three roundabouts already work to slow traffic throughout the small stretch of road.

“Slowing the speed on the east-west portion of 202, right in the middle of the tourist area, is a really big deal,” Councilmember Les Rubstello said.

Changing a speed limit on state routes is a collaborate effort between WSDOT and the city of Woodinville. The staff report said WSDOT performed speed studies, which supported a limit reduction.

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