Mayor: City continues to award COVID-relief grants

On Tuesday, May 19, the Woodinville City Council awarded $51,375.00 in Human Services Grants. These grants were awarded to seven organizations that serve families in need in and around our community. From Camp Unity Eastside that provides shelter to 40 homeless men and women, to Friends of Youth that provides emergency shelter for youth and young adults on the eastside, the council understood the value these and other organizations bring to our community, especially at this time. 

The city is looking to provide relief for those who are struggling the most, and we realized along the way that our faith-based organizations and churches most often understand who those families are.

We would like nothing more than to support those who care for and feed the people most in need as a practice. The mission of faith-based groups is most often to care for the hungry, sick and homeless. Reaching out and connecting with these organizations is what we are going to do. 

As we begin to watch the reopening of the city’s businesses, the city is interested in finding ways to support them. We know that some businesses won’t be able to pay their rent or their employees. We understand that some of our businesses had a hard time navigating the SBA loan application process. We know that many of our businesses are struggling to pay their bills. We have reached out to some of the commercial property managers and asked what we could do for them. One of the things they asked was for the city to advocate on their behalf, to Governor Jay Inslee to make clear, as soon as possible, a plan for reopening. Not knowing when they can reopen and what the guidelines will be for reopening is making it hard for businesses to plan. 

The Woodinville community is going to miss summer events. Concerts in the park, our very own Woodinville Farmers Market, the annual parade and the Basset Hound Bash. These very important events and more will be missed by everyone. 

One of the things the city can do is to support creative ideas for events that meet the social distancing requirements. The Woodinville Chamber of Commerce is working hard on plans to do just that. The city can permit them, help fund them, and sponsor them. 

In short, the city of Woodinville is in a position and has the desire to help the community through this crisis. 

While we are required to virtually meet, the city council is limited to conducting business that is COVID-19 related or routine. While we are unable to have the public come to us in person and give testimony on matters that are important to them, the council must wait until we can meet in person before making decisions that require public input.

As families begin to play in parks again, eat in restaurants, or make appointments with salons, the city is going to do our best to communicate the expectations and state guidelines along the way.

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