Police Beat - November 19, 2018

  • Written by City of Woodinville Police Department
Found Property - 136 Ave NE: 
Neighborhood mail was found in the bushes near Woodinville High School and turned over to the School Resource Officer, who returned it to their owners.
Found Property - 133 Ave NE
Resident turned in their firearm for disposal.
Residential Burglary - 127 Ave NE
Suspects entered a home under construction and brought a stolen vehicle into the garage, where it was abandoned.
Trespass - NE 171 Street:
Two known drug users were located in the apartment parking lot and trespassed from the property.
Driving While License Suspended
140 Ave NE: Subject warned not to drive with a suspended license the day before was found driving a vehicle and was cited.
Criminal Warrant, Misdemeanor- Garden Way
Deputy observed a known subject enter a store.  A computer check revealed a Seattle PD warrant for Assault.  Deputies entered the store and advised the subject that she was under arrest for the warrant.  She wrapped her arms and legs around a cash register stand and refused to let go.  Deputies were able to pry her loose and arrest her.  She was also charged with Resisting Arrest.
Possession of Stolen Property
Woodinville-Snohomish Road: A deputy did a computer check of a vehicle in traffic.  The vehicle went a different direction as the deputy.  A short time later, the computer check revealed that the vehicle was stolen from Issaquah.  Vehicle could not be located.
Suspicious Circumstances - Woodinville-Duvall Road:
Patrons were in a restaurant watching a sports program while eating, when the television suddenly switched to a “soft porn” show.  Management changed the channel and did not know how it was switched.  They also rechecked the parental controls.
Mental Complaint -  NE 171 Street
A welfare check was requested on a resident.  Deputies determined that she had not eaten in days and was mixing prescription medication and alcohol.  Subject was involuntary committed for a mental health examination.
Larceny, S/L- NE Mill Place
Subject was arrested and booked for shoplifting alcohol from a retailer.
Three subjects enter the store and proceed to the alcohol section.  One fills a bag with numerous bottle of alcohol.  The group is contacted as they are leaving the store by loss prevention officer.  One of the group shoves the officer allowing the group to escape.
Traffic Incident, NSC -  NE 145 Street
A female driver was stopped because a computer check of the vehicle revealed a felony warrant for the registered owner.  The subject was detained but said she had her identity stolen.  Deputies researched further and determined that the information was true and the driver was released.  She was instructed on how to clear the issue.
Larceny, TFA -  NE 145 Street
A female parked her car and left her purse on the front passenger seat while she went to work.  She returned to find her window broken and her purse missing.
Larceny, TFA - 131 Ave NE
Owner found that a tire and wheel was removed from their car, parked in the apartment lot.  A tire and wheel from another vehicle was left behind. 

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