Woodinville Police Beat Oct. 21-27

17641 Garden Way NE – Subject stole food items, the store did not want to assist in prosecution and only wished to have subject trespassed.

NE 160th St / 124th Ave – Subject was involved in a traffic collision and provided a fraudulently made WA DOL to the officer. The subject was arrested and later released.

14158 NE Woodinville Duvall Rd – Store patron saw a suspicious person walking through the parking lot and looking into vehicle windows, later setting off a car alarm. Police witnessed the suspect looking into car windows and when the suspect saw police, he quickly went inside the nearby business. The suspect was later contacted inside the store and a trespass warning was issued.

Stolen Vehicle
19501 Woodinville Snohomish Rd – Four male suspects and two female suspects entered a car lot to look at a Mercedes Benz E500. One of the males asked to test drive the vehicle.
An employee gave keys to the male while the other suspect(s)distracted the salesman. The suspects enter the vehicle and attempt to drive away while another employee tried to apprehend one of the females. A suspect inside the stolen vehicle exited the car and displayed a Taser and the employee let go of the female. All suspects got into the stolen vehicle and fled via highway.

Found Property
17641 Garden Way NE – Citizen found jewelry in the store parking lot and turned over to employees in May of 2019. Store employees turned over jewelry to Police.
Woodinville Police – Wallet found while a citizen was taking a walk and turned in at Police Station. The owner was notified and returned his wallet.

Bothell PD – Bothell Police contacted a female who had a Woodinville Police Warrant for her arrest. She was transported to Woodinville Police who later transported her to jail.



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