Woodinville Police Beat Oct. 25-31

13300 BLK NE 171st St. – High School juvenile was walking to the bus stop when they were contacted by a male in a white van. The male offered to give the juvenile a ride and when they declined, the male yelled, “get in my car!” The juvenile ran to the bus stop and entered the bus, calling their mother, who then called 911. No suspect description.
19819 136th Ave NE – Student interrupts multiple classrooms by pulling fire alarms and running inside several classes, jumping on tables. The student gets on the school bus to leave school but is disruptive on the school bus to the point where the school bus has to return to school and the student had to be removed by police. The student was released to his parents.
19819 136th Ave NE – Employee with Census Bureau made vague threats after frustration with a background check and employment verification for a job fair. Employee trespassed from campus.
14600 BLK NE 178th St. – Two nearby residents had mail and boxes stolen from their front porch.
13950 NE MILL PL – Suspect detained and issued a trespass warning after being caught stealing items. Charges submitted to the prosecutor.
14500 BLK NE 180th St. – Suspect stole male from the victim’s front porch.
17900 BLK 151st Way. – An unknown suspect entered the victim’s opened garage and rifled through the victim’s unlocked vehicle. Unknown missing items at this time.
12230 NE Woodinville Dr. – Two suspects broke into a warehouse and stole multiple items. The same suspects returned a second time to steal more items the following day.
19501 Woodinville Snohomish Rd. – The suspect whom stolen vehicle on September 22 returned three days later in an attempt to steal a third vehicle. Employees recognized the male and called the police. The suspect was arrested and charged for prior and current incidents.
19819 136th Ave NE. – The student left Electronic notepad(Kindle) inside the classroom and was unable to locate the item later. Item was not turned in to lost and found.
130 E Sunset Way – Subject with Woodinville Warrants was picked up from Issaquah Jail and transported to King County Jail.
17831 131st Ave NE.
Bothell PD contacted a subject with a Woodinville Police Warrant. The subject was booked into King County Jail.


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