Two survive a fiery crash into a power pole

The driver and passenger in this
vehicle survived an early-morning
collision with a power pole.


A driver and passenger survived a fiery crash when the station wagon they were in slammed into a power pole in 17500 block of 174th Ave. NE in Woodinville early Friday morning.

Emergency crews responding to a 911 call around 12:30 a.m. arrived on the scene to find downed power lines and flames shooting from the car.

“The driver and passenger were out walking around when emergency crews arrived,” said Woodinville Fire & Rescue PIO Catherine Breault. “We were unable to extinguish the fire right away because we had to determine the types of wires that were under the vehicle first.”

Both the driver and passenger, Breault said, were transported to local hospitals with non-life- threatening injuries. 

The driver of the vehicle is said to have been traveling at about 50 mph when he slammed into the pole. It has yet to be determined if the driver was impaired. 

Breault said the King County Sheriff’s Office is handling the investigation

Woodinville Police Beat Nov. 24-Dec. 1


17642 GARDEN WAY N.E.—Two juvenile males from Seattle attempted to steal alcohol from a grocery store. They were observed by store employees placing alcohol into their backpacks. The juveniles were confronted by store employees and Loss Prevention Officers. The two juveniles were followed by Loss Prevention until Deputies arrived. After Deputies ordered both juveniles to stop, the juveniles ran and resisted arrest after Deputies attempted to detain/arrest them. One of the Juveniles also provided a false name to interfere with the investigation.  Charges forwarded to the Juvenile Prosecutor.


14200 Blk N.E. Woodinville Duvall Rd. —Deputies were dispatched to a suspicious vehicle associated with possible illegal narcotic use. As deputies arrived at the parking lot, a vehicle matching the description was exiting the parking lot. In exiting the parking lot the vehicle committed several traffic infractions. Deputies attempted a traffic stop but the vehicle accelerated at a high rate of speed, ran a solid red light, almost hitting another vehicle, and continued at a high rate of speed. Due to the dangerous driving of the fleeing vehicle, deputies stopped following the vehicle.


19800 Blk. 136th Ave.—An anonymous subject submitted information of a juvenile posting a photograph of a handgun and magazine through social media. No threats were made in the post.  Through the investigation, the juvenile’s parents were contacted and determined the parents took the juvenile to a gun range over the holidays for recreational activities.



During the course of a separate investigation, it was determined the suspects committed an arson and alcohol theft of a transient campsite. The investigating deputy was taken to the transient’s camp and shown the damage. Video evidence of the arson was seen through social media.


17700 Blk. 131 Ave. N.E.—A three-vehicle collision occurred due to a driver having a medical complication.  Citizens on scene began CPR and after Deputies arrived, an AED was used. The victim was transported to the hospital.


17910 142nd Ave. N.E.—A homeowner was gone for vacation. The homeowner’s son arrived at her apartment to gather presents and noticed the door jamb was broken. The house appeared to have been rummaged through, but was undetermined if anything was stolen. 


18100 Blk. 142nd Ave. N.E.—Adult son, who is the caretaker of an adult female in a wheelchair, had medical complications. An APS report was generated to find assistance for the adult female in a wheelchair while the son was in the hospital.


14002 N.E. WOODINVILLE DUVALL—An unknown male turned in a passport to gas station employees.  The employees called Deputies who attempted to call and locate information about the owner of the passport. The Deputies were unable to contact the owner of the Passport. The passport was placed into safekeeping 

Woodinville Police Beat Nov. 18-24


18600 Woodinville Snohomish Rd.—Three victims gym lockers were broken into and wallets/credit cards were stolen.


5520 N.E. Woodinville Duvall Rd.—Trespass was initially requested by business but the victim was suffering from mental health issues and was transported to the hospital.


19301 168th Ave. N.E.—Allegations of threatening messages from a suspended student resulted in multiple 911 calls. Deputies investigated the information and determined the allegations were false.


19518 136th Ave. N.E.—Students found skipping class and using tobacco products at a nearby park.


17910 142nd Ave. N.E.— Victim found two license plates not registered to the victim’s vehicle in places of license plates. Unknown when the victim’s license plates were stolen and replaced.

License plates confiscated by police. Victim came to Woodinville PD stating he was contacted by Bothell Police who found the victim’s license plate on a stolen vehicle in the city of Bothell.

WPD Police Beat Nov. 1-7


18100 BLK 142ND AVE N.E. Deputies were dispatched to investigate a 911 call concerning a male passed out over the steering wheel of a car. Deputies arrived and discovered the vehicle was stolen out of Burien. 

The deputies observed in plain view what appeared to be items consistent with heroin/methamphetamine use. Additionally, once the suspect was awake, he began to argue with the deputies. 

Ultimately, the suspect was taken into custody. At one point, as one of the deputies was looking at the VIN on the car, he noticed a handgun sticking out under the front seat. Deputies also saw suspected stolen property in the car. 

The vehicle was sealed, and a search warrant will be obtained to search it. The suspect stated that he had “swallowed about 2 grams of heroin, was transported to the hospital and ultimately booked into the King County Jail. The suspect also had an outstanding felony warrant


13200 N.E. 175TH ST. Deputies were dispatched to investigate a report of a woman attempting to sell stolen property. Deputies arrived and following their investigation determined that the property had indeed been stolen. The woman was charged with of Possession of Stolen Property.


17900 BLK 142ND AVE N.E. Unknown suspect(s) entered via an unlocked door and stole electronics.


13800 BLK N.E. 205TH ST. Deputies responded to investigate a report of a one-car accident. When they arrived, they saw the car unoccupied and high-centered onto a retaining block. 

As they were investigating the accident a male arrived and admitted to being the driver. 

Ultimately, he was arrested for investigation of DUI and Driving with a suspended license in the second degree.


12400 BLK N.E. 171ST PL. Victim reported that unknown person(s) had removed the license plates from their car and replaced them with the license plates from another car.


17900 BLK 140TH AVE. N.E. Theft suspect fails to appear for a scheduled appointment. When the business informs him that he will be billed for such, he made threats via electronic means.


13900 N.E. MILL PL. Subject involuntarily committed for making claims to harm himself. Transported to the hospital for 

Woodinville Police Beat Oct. 25-31

13300 BLK NE 171st St. – High School juvenile was walking to the bus stop when they were contacted by a male in a white van. The male offered to give the juvenile a ride and when they declined, the male yelled, “get in my car!” The juvenile ran to the bus stop and entered the bus, calling their mother, who then called 911. No suspect description.
19819 136th Ave NE – Student interrupts multiple classrooms by pulling fire alarms and running inside several classes, jumping on tables. The student gets on the school bus to leave school but is disruptive on the school bus to the point where the school bus has to return to school and the student had to be removed by police. The student was released to his parents.
19819 136th Ave NE – Employee with Census Bureau made vague threats after frustration with a background check and employment verification for a job fair. Employee trespassed from campus.
14600 BLK NE 178th St. – Two nearby residents had mail and boxes stolen from their front porch.
13950 NE MILL PL – Suspect detained and issued a trespass warning after being caught stealing items. Charges submitted to the prosecutor.
14500 BLK NE 180th St. – Suspect stole male from the victim’s front porch.
17900 BLK 151st Way. – An unknown suspect entered the victim’s opened garage and rifled through the victim’s unlocked vehicle. Unknown missing items at this time.
12230 NE Woodinville Dr. – Two suspects broke into a warehouse and stole multiple items. The same suspects returned a second time to steal more items the following day.
19501 Woodinville Snohomish Rd. – The suspect whom stolen vehicle on September 22 returned three days later in an attempt to steal a third vehicle. Employees recognized the male and called the police. The suspect was arrested and charged for prior and current incidents.
19819 136th Ave NE. – The student left Electronic notepad(Kindle) inside the classroom and was unable to locate the item later. Item was not turned in to lost and found.
130 E Sunset Way – Subject with Woodinville Warrants was picked up from Issaquah Jail and transported to King County Jail.
17831 131st Ave NE.
Bothell PD contacted a subject with a Woodinville Police Warrant. The subject was booked into King County Jail.