Woodinville Police Beat Oct. 21-27

17641 Garden Way NE – Subject stole food items, the store did not want to assist in prosecution and only wished to have subject trespassed.

NE 160th St / 124th Ave – Subject was involved in a traffic collision and provided a fraudulently made WA DOL to the officer. The subject was arrested and later released.

14158 NE Woodinville Duvall Rd – Store patron saw a suspicious person walking through the parking lot and looking into vehicle windows, later setting off a car alarm. Police witnessed the suspect looking into car windows and when the suspect saw police, he quickly went inside the nearby business. The suspect was later contacted inside the store and a trespass warning was issued.

Stolen Vehicle
19501 Woodinville Snohomish Rd – Four male suspects and two female suspects entered a car lot to look at a Mercedes Benz E500. One of the males asked to test drive the vehicle.
An employee gave keys to the male while the other suspect(s)distracted the salesman. The suspects enter the vehicle and attempt to drive away while another employee tried to apprehend one of the females. A suspect inside the stolen vehicle exited the car and displayed a Taser and the employee let go of the female. All suspects got into the stolen vehicle and fled via highway.

Found Property
17641 Garden Way NE – Citizen found jewelry in the store parking lot and turned over to employees in May of 2019. Store employees turned over jewelry to Police.
Woodinville Police – Wallet found while a citizen was taking a walk and turned in at Police Station. The owner was notified and returned his wallet.

Bothell PD – Bothell Police contacted a female who had a Woodinville Police Warrant for her arrest. She was transported to Woodinville Police who later transported her to jail.



Woodinville Police Beat Oct. 15-20

  • Written by Bob Kirkpatrick

Woodinville High School—Two juveniles found to be in possession of alcohol and found to be under the influence in class.

Juvenile Disturbance
Woodinville High School—Two juveniles involved in a fight.

17100 block 133rd Ave NE—Two senior living center residents were involved in an incident, resulting in an allegation of assault.
17626 140th Ave NE—Several bar patrons were involved in an argument which later resulted in a fight outside the bar.

Domestic Violence Assault
18100 142nd Ave NE—Male and female involved in a physical altercation, resulting in an injury, suspect arrested and booked into jail.
13305 NE 171st Street—Male and female involved in a physical altercation, with suspect taking a cell phone and interfering with the victim calling 911.

Neighbor Dispute
15900 block 193rd PL—Two neighbors in a dispute over property line and cameras pointed at each other’s property.

Suicide Attempt
17600 block 128th PL NE—Male subject attempted suicide but was found and helped by Police and Fire and transported to the hospital.

12350 NE Woodinville Drive—Unknown suspect(s) spray-painted graffiti on the side of a business.

Stolen Vehicle
14200 NE 171st Street—Vehicle was stolen from the apartment parking lot.

Theft from Auto
12410 NE 171st Court—Unknown suspect broke the back window of victim’s vehicle, stealing electronics and athletic equipment.

13950 NE Mill PL—Theft from Target department store

Suspended License
19000 block 142nd Ave NE—Driver stopped for a traffic infraction and found to have a suspended license in the 2nd degree. The driver was arrested.

17629 130th Ave NE—Suspicious person seen in the commercial area after all businesses were closed. The suspicious male gave a false name and was later found to have several warrants for his arrest.

Police Beat Oct. 7-14, 2019

  • Written by Woodinville PD

17100 BLK 131st AVE NE – Intoxicated female’s keys taken from her by a family member, resulting in a disturbance.
18800 BLK 168th Ave NE - Male and Female involved in an early morning disturbance. No injuries

17600 BLK 140th AVE NE – Collision investigation resulted in one driver having a warrant for their arrest and found to have a suspended license.
NE 180th ST / 132nd AVE NE – Female stopped for a traffic violation, found to have a suspended license and warrant for her arrest.

NE 201st ST / 130th AVE NE – Abandoned vehicle found on side of the roadway, found to be an unreported stolen vehicle from another jurisdiction.

12315 NE WOODINVILLE DR – Unknown suspect broke two passenger windows of a vehicle to steal irrigation equipment.

2350 NE WOODINVILLE DR – Unknown suspect broke lockbox off of a door. The door found unlocked but unknown if anything missing at this time.

14600 BLK 126th AVE NE – Male suspected burglars burglarized his home, no specific evidence found to indicate a burglary.

16100 BLK NE 175th ST – Suspected commercial firework used to destroy steel mailbox.

14030 NE 145th ST – Ring found in the parking lot of a winery.

17848 GARDEN WAY NE – Unknown female passed a counterfeit $100.00 bill and received just over $90.00 in real currency.

19819 136th AVE NE – Four High School students consumed marijuana edibles at school, resulting in one juvenile going to the hospital from a possible overdose.

19819 136th AVE NE – High School Juvenile found Vaping inside the school restroom.

Firearms turned over to PD after a court order.


Police Beat - September 12, 2019

  • Written by City of Woodinville Police Dept.

16000 BLK NE WOODINVILLE DUVALL ROAD – Deputies were investigating a four-car accident. One of the deputies was stopped in traffic in route to the accident. He noticed a vehicle passing him on the right almost hitting the patrol car. The deputy pulled in behind the car and activated his overhead emergency lights.

The suspect vehicle continued to drive for approximately eight blocks swerving in and out of the lane. The car slowed to almost a crawl for traffic due to the accident. At one point, the deputy fearing another accident put his car in park and approached the suspect vehicle. He identified himself and directed the driver to put the car in park.

The driver was looking was looking at the floor board and did not respond to the deputy’s command. The deputy reached in and placed the car in park and turned off the ignition. Ultimately the driver was arrested and booked into the King County Jail for suspicion of driving under the influence.

13300 BLK NE 190TH PL – According to the victims they were in the process of moving into the home. Sometime overnight unknown suspect(s) entered the unoccupied home and stole several items.

13900 BLK NE MILL PL – Female arrested for concealing items and attempting to leave the store without paying. Shoplifter cited and released for attempting to leave store with stolen goods.

12300 BLK NE WOODINVILLE DR – Victim reports his motorcycle was stolen during the early morning hours.

13400 BLK NE 173RD ST – WPD impounded an abandoned vehicle. A firearm was recovered in the glove box by the tow company and turned over to the police.

14100 NE WOODINVILLE-DUVALL ROAD – Black air-soft pistol found in donation bin.

Police Beat - Aug. 26, 2019

  • Written by City of Woodinville Police Department
NE WOOD- DUVALL RD – Booked male apprehended by Duvall PD.
NE MILL PL – Male contacted in business parking lot during area check, booked for multiple warrants.
NE 175TH AVE/140TH AVE NE – Male rear-ended disabled vehicle as officer was assisting to remove it from intersection. Suspect denied hitting the vehicle and fled the scene when told to pull into adjacent parking lot. Cited for hit and run and obstruction an officer.
NE 145TH ST – Parked vehicle damaged in business parking lot by unknown vehicle.
131ST ST AVE NE – Unsecured expensive bike stolen from park bike rack while victim used the restroom.
NE MILL PL – Bike stolen from bike rack in business parking lot.  Bike had been locked with cable, which was not found either.
144TH AVE NE – Unknown person(s) removed trailer hitch lock and took trailer from business parking lot during night hours.
133RD AVE NE – Victim had bank account hacked, debit card stolen and cell phone number hacked. Unknown where or how identity was stolen.
SR 522 EB/132 AVE NE – Male stopped for equipment and moving violations subsequently arrested for DUI.
NE WOODINVILLE DR – Male trespassed from business for causing a disturbance and attempting to fight with staff and customers.
NE WOOD-DUVALL RD – Two males entered store and made a purchase. A few hours later, they returned item and after filling out return form, pushed employee and made off with several items from inside display case.
GARDEN WAY NE – Car window shattered while parked in business parking lot. No witnesses. Incident appeared to have happened when adjacent car opened door, as there were also ding marks.
NE 183RD ST – Female reported her wallet containing cash and credit cards were missing from front seat console. 
NE 175TH ST – Police responded to a complaint of female with suicidal thoughts. Determined she did not meet the prongs for involuntary commitment. She was given information and released to her mother.