12th annual Skateboard Challenge Aug. 1

  • Written by Woodinville Rotary

Skateboarders from throughout the region will compete Aug. 1 in the 12th annual Skateboard Challenge at Rotary Community Park in Woodinville.

This year’s event is sponsored by the Woodinville Rotary Club with the support of a community grant from the city of Woodinville.

Things start happening at 10 a.m. with registration and course practice runs. Competition in four divisions is scheduled from noon to 5 p.m., according to event coordinator and Challenge Manager Pam Miller. There is a $10 entry fee.

“For skaters in this area, this is their Super Bowl or state championship equivalent,” noted Rotary president Jeff Lair of Crystal Lake. “Rotary is solidly behind this program to recognize the skill and determination of the competitive skaters and skateboard-supporting families in our greater community. This is their day to really shine.”

Divisions are held for skaters 10 and under, from 11 to 15 years, 16 and older and for girls. Skaters with sponsors will compete for prize money in the Tricks for Ethan Zakes competition.

Joel Cendejas of Des Moines garnered top honors in the 2014 event. Prizes this year will include one going to the $300 Rotary Best Tricks contest winner. Division winners will earn a special plaque from Northwest Trophy with runners-up in each division also receiving prize packages donated by the event’s supporters and sponsors.

WHS Softball Camp: It was a rain-soaked, fun-filled night

  • Written by Derek Johnson

When the reporter arrived at the ballpark, he saw a woman walking straight toward him. At first glance, he thought it was Pat Benatar. But at close range, the person was revealed to be Woodinville coach Dani Weir. She was all decked out in 80s garb, including a denim jacket and Ray-Ban sunglasses.

“It’s 80s night!” she said with a big smile, motioning toward the field’s speakers. They currently blared “Safety Dance” by Men Without Hats.

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Woodinville Baseball Club: Brueske Brothers enjoying their roles as coaches

  • Written by Derek Johnson

With apologies to Thomas Wolfe, you can go home again. Especially if that home is Falcon Field and your last name is Brueske.

When Scott and Cathleen Brueske arrived in Woodinville in the 1990s, they commenced raising three boys — Alex, Spencer and Conner. All three boys would grow up to play for the Woodinville Falcons, all three would go off to college and all three now serve as coaches during summer leagues for the Woodinville Baseball Club.

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WHS Cross Country: Summer training at the slough a success

  • Written by Derek Johnson

As her group of 17 runners took off down the path for a 40-minute run, Coach Sandy Laurence had a message for her athletic director at Woodinville High School.

Normally, the clamorous coach would have jumped aboard her bicycle and followed her kids, shouting encouragement and instruction along the way.

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