Falcons falter in loss to Skyline

  • Written by Derek Johnson

On a cool, dry Wednesday evening at Woodinville High School, the hometown Falcons ran into a red hot team – the Skyline Spartans.

The end result was a 13-4 loss. The defeat left Woodinville with a 1-1 record in KingCo 4A and 2-2 overall.
“They beat us  fair and square,” Woodinville coach Will Corrigan said. “The biggest thing is ground balls. We knew they were good offensively. We did a good job defensively. But we couldn’t get the ball off the ground. And when you play defense for 4-5 minutes at a time it’s demoralizing and tiring.”

DSC 8916Woodinville's Johnny Pomeroy advances up the field. (Photo by Derek Johnson)This game was over from the start. Skyline played with energy while Woodinville looked sluggish in the first half. The visiting Spartans scored three times in the first five minutes, and led 8-3 at halftime. Skyline’s ability to dominate time of possession dictated the terms. 

“Face offs and goal tending are how you become a great team,” Corrigan said. “[Skyline] got face offs. You’ve got to find other ways to win face offs, and that didn’t happen tonight. So it’s back to the drawing board. We’ll be okay.”

Throughout the game, Corrigan rode the refs by cursing a colorful blue streak. The most memorable line came when a Skyline player feigned being tackled and goaded the ref into calling a foul on Woodinville. Corrigan bellowed: “YOU GOTTA BE [BLEEPING] KIDDING ME... YOU GOTTA CALL IT BOTH WAYS... THEIR GUY DESERVES TO WIN AN OSCAR!”

When asked later to comment on questionable officiating, Corrigan shook his head. 

“That doesn’t make an impact on the game,” he said. “I get heated and I like to defend my guys so they know I care. But that doesn’t determine the outcome of the game.”

With several conference games coming up on the schedule, Corrigan was asked to single out his current top performers. 

DSC 8935Woodinville coach Will Corrigan (center) addresses his team at halftime. (Photo by Derek Johnson) “Andrew Ng is probably the best LSM [Long-Stick Midfielder] in the state,” Corrigan said. “He does everything for us. He was taking face offs tonight. He was great, but we need to find ways to help him out. Offensively, Zach Barnett is really playing well right now. Mason Leet, it was his first game back [following an injury]. He showed some good things. We’ll do some good things as that unit plays together more.” 

And what are the coach’s goals for the season?

“We’re working everyday to play great lacrosse,” Corrigan said. “Our goal is to slow the ball down offensively, [because] we’ve got a great defense. We’re okay if we’re winning games 7-5. We know we won’t score twenty goals a game. But if we hold other teams to five we’ll be alright.”

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