Kurt Melton to replace Greg Turcott as head coach

  • Written by Derek Johnson

Woodinville Athletic Director Cathy Boyce has selected Kurt Melton as the new  head basketball coach for the boys team.

Melton comes from Wisconsin, where he has coached prep basketball for 18 years. He spent the past twelve seasons as head coach of Oconomowoc High School. He led that team to a 2016 conference championship. 

Melton replaces Greg Turcott, who resigned this past spring after just one year at Woodinville. 

Turcott inherited a very young Falcon team for the 2016-17 season. His squad struggled to a 10-12 overall record.

“Coach Turcott decided he wanted to spend more time with his family,” Boyce said. “He thought really hard about that decision.”
When it came time to find a successor, Boyce turned to 21st Century technology.

“We had to do a Facetime interview with him because he was in Wisconsin,” Boyce said. “We came to the conclusion that we wanted him to lead our program. We liked his team-first attitude. We liked the fact that he wants to integrate the basketball team into the culture of Woodinville High School. And his relationship building, positive interaction with the community, and his basketball knowledge, were all things that appealed to us.”

Melton is slated to officially take the reigns on July 3rd. He discussed his reasoning for taking the job.   

“My wife and I love the Northwest and we’ve talked about this for awhile,” Melton said. “We talked with the folks in Woodinville last year (after coach Mark Folsom resigned). We visited and met people at the school. We couldn’t get over how nice the atmosphere is there. People seemed happy. Not that they’re  not  happy here [in Wisconsin], but we just fell in love with the area.”

Melton will also teach English   classes    at  Woodinville High School.  

“I’ve always loved literature and I like it when kids can connect with literature of any kind, fiction or non-fiction,” Melton said. “It’s pretty special. We have all this rich material we can put in front of kids. We look like geniuses to them even if we didn’t write it. At least we found it.”

And  what  style of basketball can Falcon fans expect to see from their team this winter?

“We’re going to be fundamental and share the basketball,” Melton said. “But in terms of style, I don’t know yet. The players will dictate that. What are they good at? We will see. But we will definitely share the ball in half court and get after it defensively.”

Melton will have some young talent to work with, including dynamic sophomore point guard Cage Schenck. The tone of Melton’s voice indicated he’s ready to get after it. 
“I have a classroom and I have a court,” he said. “There’s nothing better.” 

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