End of the Trail Tournament gives glimpse of team’s progress

  • Written by Derek Johnson

It’s been four months since Woodinville dethroned Bothell for the KingCo 4A Championship. And who can forget that trip to the Tacoma Dome. But this off-season the Falcons have been hard at work preparing for an encore.   

For the ninth summer in a row, the Falcons traveled to Oregon City, OR to play basketball. The End of the Trail Tournament features over 200 teams from around the  country. It makes for a fun getaway but also serves to further player development.

DSC 8422Madi Dubois (seen here last season against Eastlake) will be looking to have a banner junior season. (Photo by Derek Johnson) “Oregon City is kind of like the Mecca of girls basketball,” Woodinville coach Scott Bullock said. “The team had a really good time.”

The Falcons took their varsity, junior varsity and “C” level teams. All three squads went 3-1 in their respective brackets.

The varsity team finished the tourney in 3rd place. This was all the more impressive considering that star point guard Regan Schenck was absent. 
“We didn’t have Regan with us,” Bullock said. “She was at an invite-only camp at the University of Arizona.”

But this presented a grand opportunity for a couple of younger kids to get playing time. Incoming freshman Mia Hughes, Morgan Lundquist, Hannah Jensen and Katie Minnehan all got plenty of minutes.

“Katie is as tough as any girl we have, especially defensively,” Bullock said. “We’d like to see her look to score more. She’s not giving anything away in terms of competitiveness, toughness, ball handling and rebounding. It was good to have her play and get a chance to grow and get more game time.”

But looking toward this winter, the Falcons will rely on a “Big 3” to carry them back to Tacoma. Coach Bullock is excited by their progress this summer.

For starters, there’s junior shooting  guard Madi Dubois.

“I have known Madi since [she was in the] fifth grade,” Bullock said. “She works really, really hard. Her strength has always been her quick shooting release. When she shoots in rhythm she can be a fantastic shooter. This year is going to be the last year she plays with Regan. In her senior year she will need to step up as the primary point guard. So this year I would like to see her begin to make that transition and take more responsibility at the helm.”

At center is Madison Lunduist. At 6’2”, the senior-to-be  has a dynamic presence in the paint.   

“We voted her the most improved player last year,” Bullock said. “Especially during the last half of the season  she  really  came on and  was  one of the key leaders  that enabled us  to win the Kingco Championship. She still has a ton of room to grow. I would like to see her take things to the next level. Both her and her sister [Morgan] have put in tons and tons of hours. I wouldn’t say that the game comes easy to Madison but she works really, really hard. One of the things that I have been really pleased about is the way she shoots the ball. From the free throw line and mid-range, she’s amazing. I would love to see her shoot those more.”

But the straw that stirs the Falcon tonic is senior point guard Regan Schenck. 

“Regan came to us as a freshman,” Bullock said. “She was as athletic as any freshman who entered a program in the state. But she wasn’t necessarily super skilled at changing speeds and getting great angles and making great decisions. You just can’t play the game going 100 MPH, you have to be smarter than that. Every year she has taken strides at getting better. She works really hard. She has added some stuff to her game. She now has a floater [jump shot], a reverse spin, and she’s using the pick-and-roll a bit better. She shoots the mid-range jumper a bit better. She has also worked on controlling her emotions. I love her passion and intensity, those are things you don’t want to take away. At the same time, you want to always make sure that you’re mentally in the game.”   

But beating Bothell last winter  to win Kingco 4A still resonates.

“Beating Bothell gave us a lot of confidence,” Bullock said. “Just winning that game last year was a memory we will never forget. We will remember it and cherish it. And it gave us momentum going forward.”

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