WHS Signees Celebrate at The Pizza Coop

  • Written by Derek Johnson

A dozen Falcons gathered last Wednesday at The Pizza Coop to celebrate signing their letters of intent. The Woodinville Weekly was there to hear their favorite memories. 

WHS NCAA Letter of Intent IMG 3605Twelve Falcons sign letters of intent last Wednesday morning at Woodinville High School. (Courtesy Photo)

Cooper Mehrhmann – College of the Holy Cross (Baseball)
My favorite memories are just team bonding time with the baseball team. Last year was super fun with guys like Reece Averill and Wyatt Mosher... Oh, and also TP’ing Erin McGrath’s house.

Erin McGrath – Pacific Lutheran University (Softball)
Yes, my house was TP’d a lot. Let’s just say I woke up late one night with a bunch of boys with a bunch of toilet paper in my yard. You can say there was a car chase afterwards.
As for the team, my favorite memories were the State Championship last year and being ranked nationally.

Brett Accimus  - Central Washington University (Football)
Having the experience of playing in the Tacoma Dome with my brothers. And playing in the triple overtime game [vs. Skyline 2016] for the Kingco championship my junior year. Both of those were once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Cade Beresford - Washington State University (Football)
Playing in the Tacoma Dome and having all those people from Woodinville come down to support us.

Kylie Mosset – Bowling Green State University (Diving)
During my last dive [at State] I knew I had to nail it. And I did it. When I was watching the video later, all my friends and family were cheering super loud when I came out of the water. It felt great knowing that I was able to get that second place spot and have my family cheering for me.

Andrew Ng - Middlebury College (Lacrosse)
I’ll miss going through the program with my friends. The high level competition that [we aspired to reach]. At one point, it seemed like we would never get there.

Natalie Garofano  – University of the Redlands (Lacrosse)
At the end of my sophomore year we did what we called the Lacrosse Olympics where we played with water balloons and stuff like that. It was super fun. Our coach that year really got into it and had a lot of fun with us. It was just really cool to see everybody come together and to see the funny side to everyone.

Regan Schenck – Northern Arizona University (Basketball)
One of my favorite memories is Coach Bullock laughing at his own jokes. Because his jokes aren’t good. But he laughs at them.

Madison Lundquist – Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (Basketball)
Yes, Coach Bullock has this thing that before he ends his joke, he chuckles and smiles. He laughs before he gets to the punchline. Or whenever he tries to lie, he starts giggling halfway through and gives it away.

Nash Fouch – University of Montana (Football)
The triple overtime game over Skyline [in 2016]. The happiness was overwhelming after the game… Mack Minnehan had the run of the century in the second overtime of that game. That got everyone going. Then in the third overtime I scored in the back of the end zone on the fade [route]. It was a big moment for me and [quarterback] Jaden [Sheffey].

Jake Baillie – University of Redlands (Football)
The defensive line would always mess with Coach Ham [John Hamilton]. We had a great relationship with him. Having fun with him at practice. Just lots of inside jokes. Us making fun of him, him making fun of us. It’s hard to be specific, but he’s a very scary looking guy to a lot of people. He can be intimidating. But we know that he’s a soft, lovable guy inside.

Richard Shell – Benedictine College (Baseball) (Not interviewed)

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