Local Kids enjoyed their time at Falcon Football Camp

  • Written by Derek Johnson

Coach Wayne Maxwell smiled. His trademark sunglasses shielded his eyes from the bright afternoon glare. It was Day 2 of Falcon Football Camp. In front of him, kids scurried about the Woodinville High School field. They were running drills. . 

“These kids are out here having fun, and as a result they’re working hard and they don’t realize it,” Maxwell said. “You can ask the parents. The kids are tired when they go home.”

DSC 3327Trey Bullock (left) tries to break free of Pryce Roberts during a game of flag football. (Photo by Derek Johnson)Last week marked the 14th year that Maxwell has run this camp. It provides a chance for Woodinville youth to learn fundamentals and interact with current and former Falcons.

On this particular day, Michael Roth spoke to the group. The former Woodinville wide receiver will be entering his sophomore season at Cal State San Luis Obispo. Roth showed off a few dance moves, including The Floss. But he also shared a meaningful lesson from his high school days.

“What was great was Michael talking about his freshman and sophomore years,” Maxwell said. “He admitted that he was not a very good football player at that time. He came in his sophomore year and felt a little entitlement. He wasn’t playing and realized that he wasn’t at a place to be a player and get reps. So he worked harder. That changed his mind set. And sure enough, he came out his junior season [and played well] and of course had a great senior season.”

Maxwell described Woodinville as a big community effort.

“It’s almost full circle when you have a kid like Michael who has grown up in the program and he’s lived it sweat, bled it, breathed it all in. And he’s doing good things now in college. When guys like that come back and serve as a guest speaker it’s a blast. The kids can relate to it and it’s a fun experience.”

Maxwell cited current players Carter Smith, Miles Mustarde and Danny Metsker, for serving as assistant coaches at the camp.

DSC 3324Former Falcon Michael Roth addresses the crowd. (Photo by Derek Johnson) “It’s all about getting our older guys tied in with the younger guys,” Maxwell said. “The younger guys always look up to the bigger guys when they come up to the high school. It’s all about tying a community together. The older guys are local role models and celebrities. They get to know [the younger kids] and have relationships with them.”

Woodinville opens its season on August 31 against Foster. Kickoff is 7 p.m. at Pop Keeney Stadium.

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