The Beantown Bruiser has arrived in Woodinville

  • Written by Derek Johnson

If you live in the Seattle area and wear a New England Patriots jersey, you’re asking for trouble. People here will never forget that nightmare at the goal line of Super Bowl XLIX. But when you’re 6’4” and 275 pounds, you’re like the proverbial 800 pound gorilla – you can wear whatever you damn want.

LeviWoodinville left tackle Levi Rogers (left) with assistant coach Mike Monan. (Photo by Derek Johnson) This past spring, Levi Rogers and his family moved from Boston to Woodinville. By all accounts, his transition into the Falcon family has been smooth. But yes, he grew up a Patriots fan. Yes, he loves Tom Brady. Yes, he wears Patriots gear around Woodinville.

“I do miss the Patriots,” Rogers said. “I do get frowned upon a bit for it. But it’s okay.”

Last May, when word started to spread about the arrival of a huge left tackle, people got excited. The football gods seemed to be smiling upon the Falcons.

Through three games, Rogers has exceeded all expectations. Woodinville is 3-0 and is averaging 215 yards rushing per game. During last week’s 34-7 win over Edmonds-Woodway, Woodinville coach Wayne Maxwell was well aware of his junior left tackle.

“I’m over on the sideline coaching guys on the defense,” Maxwell said. “The offense is out there and I don’t always see every play. But I heard guys on our sideline yell `Oh Levi! Great block!’ You don’t usually say that kind of thing about offensive linemen, right? He does not go unnoticed.”

Woodinville’s offensive line is elite. Rogers has teamed up with Brendan Szymanski, Matt Harvey, Nathan Metz and Will Augustine to form the starting unit. They and the entire Falcon team have welcomed Rogers with open arms.
“It has been a great move,” Rogers said. “The boys have been awesome. It has been an easy transition going from east coast to west coast.”

Coming from inner city Boston, Rogers has noticed stark differences in high school football. 

“There are a lot more fans here and more hype definitely,” Rogers said. “People get into it way more here.”

Will Levi Rogers prove to be the next elite left tackle? Woodinville has had great ones come through here —from Devon Dietrich, Andre Dillard, Duke Clinch and Cade Beresford.
Offensive line coach Mike Monan has tutored them all. Rogers feels he’s in good hands with the ex-Washington Husky.

“Coach Monan is the best coach I’ve ever had in my life,” Rogers said. “Whether it’s on the field or off the field, he’s always encouraging me to give my best.”

He’s also aware that Monan looks out for his former players. 

“I’ve heard that when we get to legal drinking age, he takes us out for a beer,” Rogers said. “So my day will come.”

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