Falcons Starting to Soar after Second Straight Win

  • Written by Derek Johnson
When the match ended and fans headed for the exits, Woodinville’s Danielle Morris remained on the court. Her face radiated pure happiness. “This is our year,” she said. “We’re going big or going home!”
Those were startling words from a team that hasn’t had a winning season in years.  
But Morris spoke in the wake of Woodinville’s 3-1 win over Lake Washington last Monday night. It marked their second straight win. Make no mistake, the Lady Falcons dominated.
Volleyball 1Zoe Friedman (left) has a look of optimism as she communicates with teammate Emma Daoud-Hebert. Woodinville would win the set moments later. (Photo by Derek Johnson) Lake Washington won the opening set 25-21. But from then on, it was all Woodinville. 
One could sense the tide turn in the second set. A Woodinville player defended against a Lake Washington smash, and the ball shot upward. It sailed so high that it glanced against a rafter. But as it descended, Cate Quilantang hit a backwards shot over her shoulder to keep it in play. Teammate Danielle Morris then rapped it over the net for a point. The Falcons won that set 25-22.
In the third set, Makenna Mosher had a beautiful smash to the back corner for the score. Woodinville won 25-15.
In the fourth set, Woodinville’s Emma Daoud-Hebert brought the evening to an emphatic close. She leapt high and unleashed a Beast Mode missile that went straight at Lake Washington’s Chloe Murakami.
Murakami threw her hands up, but to no avail. The force of impact knocked her backwards onto the court. Teammates scurried to make sure she was okay. She got back on her feet with a big smile on her face while theatrically clutching her heart.
Woodinville won that final set 25-18, and the girls in green celebrated. The Falcons improved their season record to 2-3.
Volleyball 2Zoe Friedman (left) has a look of optimism as she communicates with teammate Emma Daoud-Hebert. Woodinville would win the set moments later. (Photo by Derek Johnson)
“It’s definitely a different team than other years,” Danielle Morris said. “Everyone has a green light going for it. We’re trusting each other and Coach Hammer. We want to be successful this season. We want to go big. Winning is fun!”
Woodinville coach Andrea “Hammer” Roelen was all smiles. 
“We’re still learning to believe in what we can do,” Roelen said. “Little by little, we’re getting better… We’re in a marathon and not a sprint.”
When asked of Daoud-Hebert’s smash, Roelen’s smile grew even bigger. 
“We have a great little phrase, where we talk about making a dent in the floor,” she said. “Making a statement with our attack. Being eager to go after things. Go on the attack! Go after the ball! We want that tenaciousness where the girls have fire in their eyes. And they believe.”
A couple of young Falcons stood out in the Lake Washington match. Sophomore Makenna Mosher (5’11”) has the length and athleticism to be a special player. Freshman Alana Castaneda showed coordination and composure. 
“Makenna has only played volleyball for a couple years,” Coach Roelen said. “She is this raw, incredible athlete. She’s still learning the mechanics of running middle and seeing what’s going on. Middle is a tough position. But she has sky-high potential. And we’re just continuing to work with her. Giving her tips, establishing great habits. And I’m super excited about her only being a sophomore.
“Alana Castaneda is our freshman outside hitter,” Roelen said. “She’s getting a lot of playing time and she’s doing what I ask her to do. She’s attacking. And going from middle school or club scenario to varsity in high school is a big leap. She’s doing her job and attacking. Putting balls in the court and swinging hard. I’m super proud of her as well.”

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