Loss to Eastlake challenges Falcons to keep the Faith

  • Written by Derek Johnson
In those final furious minutes, Woodinville kept attacking Eastlake’s goal. But when the final whistle sounded, the Lady Falcons failed to score. 
The girls in green were left with a tough 1-0 loss. The defeat rendered Woodinville’s record at 0-4 in Kingco 4A, and 0-4-2 overall. Eastlake remained in first place by improving to 3-1-1 in league play.
Soccer 1Sophomore Alexa Welch (center) moves toward the goal, while fending off Lady Wolves Allyson Ang (left) and Kayla Smith (right). (Photo by Derek Johnson)After the match, Woodinville players congregated on the sideline and gathered their belongings. Their mood seemed somber but not sullen. 
“We’ve been growing a lot as a team,” Woodinville’s Alexa Hildebrandt said. “We’ve been getting better every game. We’re just working on bringing the pieces together. We’re seeing good moments but we need to be consistent to get the first win we’re looking for.”
“Tough loss,” Woodinville coach Andrew Croft said. “I thought the girls did enough to get a goal. They missed a couple of good chances in the first half. Eastlake came out really hard in the second half and we just got pressured a bit too much… We have to continue to find a way to the get the ball in the back of the net.”
By watching Woodinville play, the talent and effort are there. It seems they are close to a breakthrough.
“We’re seeing improvement in creating scoring opportunities,” Croft said. “We’re playing well. We’re in every single game. It’s tough to lose like this. But we just need to fight a little harder and get the ball in the back of the net. We need to keep working our tails off and get a W, and then I think you’ll start to see things come together.”
Soccer 2Alexa Hildebrandt (left) and Grace Rimmer (right) during the Eastlake match. (Photo by Derek Johnson)“We’re getting better but so is every other team,” Croft added. “We need to figure out a way to take two steps forward when everyone else is taking one step. We need to do this if we want to make the Kingco playoffs.”
Regardless what happens this season, the Falcon future looks bright. Several kids have seen significant minutes this season. This includes the likes of Grace Rimmer (sophomore), Lexi Fulkerson (sophomore) Alexa Welch (sophomore), Kennedy Bates (freshman) and Alexa Hildebrandt (junior).
“I’m not used to playing forward, it’s a new position for me,” Hildebrandt said. “I’ve seen growth this season in that I’ve learned how to play the position better and how to work as a forward. It’s about how to move off the ball… I want to continue growing in that area and I think all of us are getting better.”
“For years to come, this is a good group of girls,” Croft said. “They care about each other and like playing for each other.”

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