Falcons now 2-0 after Beating Bothell

  • Written by Derek Johnson

In life, you can always count on certain absolutes. The old standbys, of course, are death and taxes. Then there are the Mariners, who never make the playoffs. Lady Gaga always reinvents herself every calendar year. And finally, the Woodinville Swim and Dive team can be counted on to have a small roster.  

As a result, the Falcons struggle to compete each winter. Through the years, they’ve even adopted monikers. These include “The Little Engine That Could”, and “The 300”.

DSC 4451 2Woodinville’s Jeffrey Numrych turned in a powerful performance at the Juanita Aquatic Center. (Photo by Derek Johnson)

But last Thursday at the Juanita Aquatic Center, something interesting happened. Woodinville knocked off Bothell 120-110. Coupled with their win over North Creek on Nov 30th, the Falcons are now 2-0. They’re tied for first place in Kingco. It is believed to be the best start in Woodinville school history.

“The guys fought really hard,” Woodinville coach George Sayah said. “They knew it was close throughout the entire meet. They were keeping tabs and were encouraging each other to [get the win].”

There were particularly strong performances from Jeffrey Numrych and Bryan Kim. Numrych, the only Falcon swimmer to reach State last year, has shown marked improvement. He swims with more efficiency, but also attacks the water with a ferocious will and pinwheeling arms.

“Jeffrey came back stronger and he’s more experienced,” Sayah said. “He’s also taken on a nice leadership role. Him and Brody Soedel are junior captains. Jeffrey is built to race. He rises to the occasion, he loves to race. He’s been doing it for a long time.”
Sayah, now in his third year as Woodinville coach, also singled out the efforts of Brody Soedel.

“Today Brody swam over 800 yards for us total, which is a lot of yards,” Sayah said. “He hung in there and has been with me since the beginning, since his freshman year.”

Meanwhile, senior team captain Paul Kim knocked four seconds off of his 100 time.

“My main objective this year is trying to keep morale up,” Kim said. “But everyone is engaged and encouraging and really zealous in their swimming. There is still work to do to make sure everyone is on top of things. But overall the team is very coachable this year.

There are no big problems. Everyone gets along with each, there is no angst anywhere.”

Woodinville’s remaining meets this month are versus Eastlake on December 11, and Inglemoor on December 18th. Both meets will take place at Redmond Pool.

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