The Green Hornet Stings Bothell as Falcons win in Overtime

  • Written by Derek Johnson
In the game’s final minute, it looked like a lost cause. The Falcons had frittered away a lead and watched as Bothell took command in the fourth quarter.
Woodinville now trailed 50-43 with 53 second left. The Bothell student section was partying it up in the Bothell High School gym. Victory seemed assured for the hometown Cougars.
But The Green Hornet had other plans. Woodinville’s Cage Schenck buried two three pointers to force overtime. Then in the extra stanza, Schenck’s torrid shooting and Woodinville’s great defense led to a stunning 62-51 win.   
Schenck finished the game with 33 points, while earning his coach’s plaudits.
“Cage was on tonight, and our kids were finding him,” Woodinville coach Kurt Melton said. “He puts himself on the floor in the best position to score.”
The win improved Woodinville’s record to 5-6 in Kingco 4A, and 8-10 overall. It was a needed shot in the arm for a Falcon squad jockeying for position in the upcoming Kingco playoffs. 
DSC 4712Cage Schenck, AKA "The Green Hornet", scored 33 points on the night. (Photo by Derek Johnson)
Woodinville started the night in firm control. Schenck hit a three pointer at the buzzer to give the Falcons a 13-4 lead at the end of the first quarter.
But Bothell chipped away. The Cougars would take a 38-37 lead early in the fourth quarter, when Myles Phillips hit a bank shot in the paint. Bothell extended that lead to 50-43, thanks to the outside shooting of Jacob Hamaker.
But in the game’s final minute, Schenck took over. He hit a gorgeous jumper to cut the deficit to 50-47. With thirty seconds left, Woodinville got tough on defense -- Blake Glessner forced a turnover. Next possession, Schenck set his feet and misfired on a three pointer. But Glessner tracked down the rebound and fired it back to Schenck out on the wing. 
“It was a great set up by Blake because he got my initial miss,” Schenck said. “I was wide open and I knew I couldn’t miss two in a row.”
The shot dropped. An audible groan emanated from the Bothell student section. Meanwhile, the Woodinville student section, led by lovable goofball Nathan Metz, was going crazy. 
The game went into overtime, where Woodinville outscored Bothell 12-1. Schenck, Glessner and Carson Noe combined for 8-for-8 free throw shooting.
In the post-game aftermath, the Falcons were a happy group.
“We’re just trying to build our identify as a really solid defensive basketball team,” Coach Melton said. “When you have a 19-1 run, that’s something we can come back at practice and say, `We can stop people and stop a really good offensive team like Bothell.’ As we build our identity, the more we can show kids that this is what works, the better they buy in.”
Woodinville seems to have struck a balance between emphasizing the pass while allowing freedom for the playmakers to create. 
“What I told the kids before the game was, `You be you offensively. Just be you.’” Melton said. “The key to that is knowing what you’re good at and doing it well. Don’t be somebody you’re not. Just get out, take the shots you can make. Make the plays you can make. If you’re a rebounder, be a rebounder. If you’re a screener be a screener. Be proud of your role.”
Woodinville travels to Skyline this Tuesday, before concluding the regular season at Newport on January 29. 

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