Melton Thanks Senior Class after Season-Ending Loss to Redmond

  • Written by Derek Johnson
The Falcons were a somber group in the wake of their 50-36 loss to Redmond. The defeat knocked Woodinville out of the WesKing playoffs and ended their season.
The recent snow storm forced the postponement of playoff games for a week. The Woodinville-Redmond game was rescheduled twice, before tipping off last Thursday night. But while the snowfall had finally started to melt, Falcon shooting remained in a frigid state. (Woodinville shot 1-for-19 from three-point range). 
“We played hard but the bottom line is we didn’t shoot well,” Woodinville coach Kurt Melton said. “But we worked really hard and I was proud of them, despite the fact that we didn’t get the win.”
The Falcons finished the year with an 11-12 record. “I told the kids I don’t want this one to end,” Melton said. “I told them `You kids are a group I love hanging out with and being around. You’ve been a pleasure to coach.”
Four seniors saw their prep basketball careers come to an end.
“You’re sitting there and you realize that your days of playing competitive basketball may be over,” Melton said. “And your days of playing for your high school team are over. And that’s a hard thing to digest for some kids. The mood is always a little bit somber. It’s tough. But I said to the kids that you all brought something different to the program. And you led in different ways and were an example to the younger kids… You can be proud of being part of something bigger than yourself.”
“And you know, these seniors are special to me because they got me started here,” Melton said. “They played a role in getting me adjusted to Woodinville.”
 MCC5513Woodinville coach Kurt Melton addresses his team during the 2018-19 season. (Photo by Colleen Colley)
Here are coach Melton’s comments about each of the seniors.
Cameron Dick
“Cameron is a kid who loves basketball. From the very start he made a commitment to this team...He’s a basketball junkie, like myself. I really appreciated him from that standpoint.”
Jack Messmer
“He’s a great kid. His junior year he didn’t play. Just the fact he came back and tried out again and wanted to help us out, meant a lot to me. And he ended up being a big part of our season. That three pointer he hit against Bothell was huge.”
Evan Riseland
“Evan was the spearhead to all of our offseason stuff. He was THE guy. He got guys together for open gym opportunities. He committed himself to the high school program. You don’t see that a whole lot anymore. He was all about Woodinville basketball... He was a kid who was always in the present. An unselfish kid. I’m going to miss that kid.”
Trevor Davidson
“Think about where he has come, right?  This was his first year on the varsity. He didn’t play very much, and then as the season went on, he got more and more playing time. And then on Senior Night, he became a monster! We had a very successful end to the [regular] season, and a lot of that was due to Trevor. He became a shutdown defender for us.”

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