Q & A with Coach Alan Dillman

  • Written by Derek Johnson
The 2019 season gets underway this week. The Falcons open with Edmonds-Woodway on Monday and then host Moses Lake this Saturday morning. Woodinville coach Alan Dillman gave his thoughts on the upcoming campaign.
Q: There are lots of new faces on the roster this year. What will be the makeup of the pitching staff?
Dillman: . Last year coming into the season we had one kid who had pitched in a varsity game. This year we bring a handful of guys who got their feet wet pitching in varsity games. Matt Kaiser, Justice [Dillman], Camdyn Munger, Josh [Spencer], all those guys got to pitch last year. I’m hoping that experience is going to pay off a little bit
Coach Alan Dillman 3Woodinville coach Alan Dillman: (Photo by Patti Sternberg)
Q: In addition to doing some pitching, Camdyn Munger also played catcher. 
Dillman: Camdyn pretty much was our starting catcher all year last year. As a sophomore playing on varsity he comes into this year [as a junior] knowing what to expect.
Camdyn did a really nice job for us last year on top of being one of our better pitchers. He does a lot for us. That year of experience will really help him and the game will slow down for him. The confidence goes up as the game slows down.
Q: Who are some of the other kids that will take a more front line role?
Dillman: We turned over a lot of guys from last year. We’re bring back a handful of juniors who got some playing time last year. Josh [Spencer] played infield and Trent [Boyd] played infield last year and they’ve got experience.
In the outfield we really turned over guys last year. We’ve got Jared [Gee] returning, he’s a guy who is one of the fastest guys we’ve had come into our program. He can help our corner guys acclimate to the game. We expect a lot out of him defensively and when he gets on the base paths.
Q: As I commented last December during bowling season, your son Justice has gotten even bigger and stronger. Do you hope that will translate into more power?
Dillman: Justice has definitely gotten a lot stronger. He has spent a lot of time in the weight room. I hope it will translate. But being the coach’s son, I want him to be a line drive hitter and not try to hit the ball out of the ball park. And I want him to be a little bit more consistent.
Q: So if Justice is out there swinging for the fences, when he returns to the dugout you’ll have him by the scruff of the neck?
Dillman: Exactly. I want him to hit line drives.
Q: So what are your overall thoughts heading into the season?
Dillman: I like the club a lot. I like that a couple guys came to me after last year’s banquet was over and wanted to do some things as far as leading up to this year. They led the off-season workouts. They were in the weight room at 6:30AM every morning… They painted the shed and concession stand, and did little things around the field.
I like the things they’ve been doing. I’m excited.
Q: What other teams should we keep an eye on in Kingco 4A?
Dillman: I always give you the same standard answer every year, Kingco is really tough. Every year you never know, it could be anyone. Last you had a team seeded eighth in the tournament and they went on to win the tournament. It goes to show that our league is tough throughout he league.

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