The Siren Song of Dairy Queen not enough as Falcons fall to Redmond

  • Written by Derek Johnson

Ashritha Aroun walked off the court and sat down next to a reporter. She had just lost her match -- a rare occurrence for Woodinville’s best player.

But the sting of defeat wasn’t her only setback on this day. Not by a longshot. Her purse also took a hit, courtesy of assistant coach Sully Hester.

DSC 4937Woodinville's Ashritha Aroun in action. (Photo by Derek Johnson)

“We had a bet,” Aroun said. “If I lost, I would have to drive him to Dairy Queen and buy him a cheeseburger. And if I won, he would have to drive me there and buy me a cheeseburger. So… I don’t know how Hester likes his burgers, but he’s getting a burger today.”

It was a rough day overall for the Falcons against mighty Redmond. Woodinville lost 9-2.

“Redmond is a really strong team,” Woodinville coach Darcy Vitulli said. “We knew that going into it. We knew it would be tough.”

But as of this writing, Woodinville’s record is 3-2. The Falcons are having a fine season.

“We have so many girls on the team and it’s so much fun,” Aroun said. “Everyone is getting so much better so fast. Some of the girls started off not even knowing how to hold the racket properly. But they’re doing well now.”

“We have 68 [players] on the team now,” Coach Vitulli said. “Awesome bunch of young women. They work hard and they’re making new friends. It’s a fun team to be on. And it’s a way to get fit and meet new people, and have good competition, all rolled into one. Our numbers keep growing and I’m thrilled by it.”

Vittuli singled out the play and improvement of Daphne D’sa, Sarah Hong, Lily Hall, Elizabeth Venegas, Avery Tomlinson, and the Wheeler sisters, Hannah and Bekah. 

“The Wheeler sisters have improved since last year,” Vitulli said. “They play with teamwork, they can read each other, they make great shots, so that’s exciting.

“Elizabeth Venegas played last year and was strong,” she said. “Avery came to us from North Creek and she has worked up the ladder to #5 singles. Daphne D’sa is one of our captains. She is doing a great job at leadership. Working with younger players and being a good role model. She’s good at being a player-coach.”

When the topic of Aroun’s lost burger bet was mentioned, Vittuli broke into a smile. She was asked how Hester likes his burgers.     

“Probably with mayonnaise,” Vitulli said. “Because he puts mayonnaise on everything.”

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