Playoff Hopes Fade after Disappointing Tie with Bothell

  • Written by Derek Johnson

On a cold, wet night at Pop Keeney Stadium, the Woodinville Falcons didn’t lose a game. But they lost an opportunity.

Playing a winless Bothell squad, the Falcons took it two overtimes, before settling for a 0-0 draw.

“I thought a lot of us fought real hard the entire time,” Woodinville senior Sebastian Farris said. “We kept a clean sheet and as a defender that’s one of the biggest things for me. Unfortunately we weren’t strong enough on the attack. We didn’t challenge their goalkeeper and defense enough. In the end, we couldn’t get that final goal. And it sucks.”

DSC 5165Marques Herrera-Kuehn earned praise from his coach for his efforts. (Photo by Derek Johnson)

Woodinville’s Kingco 4A record went to 0-5-2. Bothell went to 0-6-1. Both teams occupy the bottom of the standings. 

Woodinville coach Brett Lasby was pleased that his team didn’t have any defensive lapses like earlier in the season. He praised goalies Lochlainn DiMarco and Josh Hill for preserving the shutout.

“Some people will say, `0-0 tie -- soccer is boring!’” Lasby said. “But it is what it is. It was a beautiful game overall. There’s a quote that goes, `Victory is when you lie exhausted on the field of battle.’ Some of these kids gave it their all tonight. Including Sebastian [Farris] and Marques [Herrera-Kuehn].”

But by saying “some of these kids”, it alluded to the notion that not every kid gave their all. It bears mentioning that due to spring break, Woodinville was playing its first match in eleven days. On several occasions, Falcon players fell to the turf in pain due to leg cramps. This fact disappointed Lasby. 

“I can take a handful of those kids and say, `Hey you weren’t training when you were on vacation, right?’” Lasby said. “`You weren’t preparing yourself and drinking water?’ You know, my time as a player is done. But I want the most for these kids. And they’re kids, they’re not professionals. But I want to show them that life is about preparation. It’s about the attitude you bring to it and the preparation you do every day. Are you preparing every day? Because if you’re not, you’re letting down the other ten guys on the pitch. If you’re not doing everything you can inside the lines AND outside the lines to be the best you can be, then you’re missing out on a golden opportunity.”
Lasby shook his head slowly before continuing. “We needed this win, but it wasn’t to be. Hats off to Bothell, they were a good team tonight.”

Woodinville now has two more matches, with a tiny chance of squeezing into the Kingco 4A postseason. But they’ll need wins over North Creek and Inglemoor and some colossal help with tiebreakers. The odds of making the postseason now seem slim. 

“It hit me today actually,” Farris said. “It’s literally two games left. And that’s it for high school and moving on to college. It's kind of an end of an era. A big stepping stone for me. I know the other seniors feel the same way.”

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