Lady Falcons Fall to Snohomish

  • Written by Derek Johnson

Woodinville traveled to Glacier Peak High School last Thursday looking for their fifth win.

Unfortunately, Lexi Gonzales had other plans. The 5’2” junior for Snohomish scored early and often against the Woodinville defense. In so doing, she led her team past the Falcons 17-7.

“The 50/50 balls and the draw controls were really tough for us,” Woodinville coach Courtney Bird said. “But when you have a team like Snohomish that is that talented and can hold onto possession once they get it -- it was a tough stretch for us.”

LacrosseWoodinville's Ava Lenox (left) looks to score, while Alyssa Jarvis (#3 in green) looks on. (Photo by Derek Johnson)

The win left the Panthers with a 4-0 record in the North Sound Division, and 7-3 overall. Woodinville fell to 1-2, 4-6.

Maybe the majestic view at Glacier Peak gobsmacked the Lady Falcons. The athletic field there sits on the edge of a bluff which offers a stunning view of the snow-capped Cascades.

Woodinville was quickly down 4-2. Then Gonzales went on a scoring rampage – and suddenly Snohomish was up 11-2. From there, the Panthers cruised to the ten-point margin of victory.

“We tried our best and we were fighting for those ground balls,” Woodinville sophomore Claire Prentice said. “But we’re a young team that has grown a lot this year.”


The Woodinville roster is indeed heavily populated with freshmen and sophomores. Coach Bird is quite excited for the future.

“What’s most impressive to me, and it was on exhibition tonight, is that they don’t give up,” Bird said. “They are out there fighting for each other. I always encourage them to keep fighting so they can keep playing together. They want to get into the postseason. They trust each other on and off the field, it seems to me. The trust and loyalty are there.

“And this is our first year we’ve had a varsity team,” she added. “And some of them thought we weren’t going to do as well as we’ve done.”

Despite the tough outing against Snohomish, Prentice senses something brewing.  

“It’s hard to describe, but it’s like we have developed this flow,” Prentice said. “It’s something that I have only experienced with teams that have been together a long time. The fact that I am starting to feel that with this team is really amazing.”

One of Prentice’s teammates is close friend Jessi Daneman. The diminutive sophomore zips all over the field with comet-like quickness and endless energy. 

“Oh my gosh, me and Jessi go way back,” Prentice said. “I got her to play [lacrosse]. She’s so speedy and so fast. She’s got this low shot, where she brings it down and rips it toward the goal. It’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. And she seems to be everywhere on the field at once.”

As of this writing, Woodinville has two remaining regular season games. The first is this Tuesday night at Woodinville High School vs. Nathan Hale. The other is at Everett on May 3.

“I look forward to this team continuing to play and building some continuity,” Bird said. 

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