Daoud-Hebert Signs with Central Washington

  • Written by Derek Johnson

With a big smile on her face, Emma Daoud-Hebert penned her signature and made it official: She’ll be attending Central Washington University this fall on a volleyball scholarship.

“I have been thinking about college volleyball since sophomore year,” said Daoud-Hebert. “I wasn't sure if I was ready to commit and which division to play in. But by the end of junior year I decided to play college volleyball and take the time to find the perfect fit.”

emmaCameron Dick (left) and Emma Daoud-Hebert at her Letter-of-Intent signing at Woodinville High School. (Courtesy photo)

That perfect fit for the next five years will be Ellensburg, Washington. When Daoud-Hebert took her recruiting visit, she practiced with the team and talked with coaches. But she wasn’t entirely sold on the locale.

“I had a great interest in the program and coaching staff,” she said. “But I wasn't sure about the location. I'm used to being in a bigger city. But after I reflected for a few days, I decided it was the place for me. The thing that really put me over the edge was that the coaching staff has such an amazing philosophy in how they teach and how they treat their girls. The team was incredible and I felt at home. And I actually really learned to love the area. It's adorable. They have the cutest shops. There’s a lot to do and a lot of people to talk to. I'm so excited.”

After signing her letter of intent last week, Daoud-Hebert went out to dinner with friends and family. Later that evening, she reflected on her time with the Woodinville Falcons.

“Our team had a season that will be remembered because we broke some barriers down of things that hadn't been done in awhile at Woodinville,” she said. “[I was] so happy to experience the playoffs together which was a great experience. They will have a young team next year so I think they will be hungry to return to the playoffs. I hope that we left a legacy.”

She also expressed gratitude for having played for Falcon coach Andrea “Hammer” Roelen.

“She taught us all that volleyball is more than just your skill but it's about your attitude and how hard you worked,” Daoud-Hebert said. “She emphasized that we were young ladies that had so much potential in life. She made sure we had a great sense of community and taught us how to be a hard worker and never ever have regrets. To go for it every time you step onto the court!”

By happy coincidence, Daoud-Hebert's boyfriend Cameron Dick will also be attending Central. “I'm so happy to be going to Central and I'm so excited that Cam will be there too,” she said. 

Daoud-Hebert will redshirt this season, but then have four years to play after that.

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