Nomadic Falcons fall to Eastlake 5-2

  • Written by Derek Johnson
Woodinville's Carson Ward in action. Derek Johnson/The Woodinville Weekly.


SAMMAMISH — If the Woodinville Falcons were to adopt a theme song for 2019, “On The Road Again” would be fitting.

Due to renovations of their home court, the Falcons have played every match on the road so far this season. They will continue to do at least until Oct. 1, when work is scheduled to be completed.

“It’s going to look awesome,” Woodinville coach Betty Hummer said. “Really nice, with no cracks in the surface. I go there and check every 2-4 days and I talk to the manager. And I went to a couple of meetings with the AD [Cathy Boyce] and all that. Hopefully, they will complete the work on time.”

Life on the road has been rough so far. Last Wednesday, Sept. 25 at Eastlake, the Falcons lost 5-2. This dropped their season record to 0-4 in Kingco 4A and 0-7 overall.

A couple of bright spots included the doubles tandem of Emerson Kirby and John Park. The boys defeated Eastlake’s Samaksh Baskar and Rohan Singh 6-3, 7-5.

“It was close until the end,” Emerson Kirby said. “Me and John played well together.”

The duo presents a contrast in that Kirby is a freshman while Park is a senior.

“The more you play together, the more you get used to which balls to go after and how the other guy serves,” Park said.

The other bright spot on the day came from the No.1 singles court. Woodinville’s Carson Ward battled Eastlake’s Ryan Fidelis in a grueling match that lasted two hours and twenty minutes. In the end, Ward prevailed 6-2, 4-6, 7-6(2). The Woodinville junior improved his season mark to 5-1.

“It was nerve-racking,” Ward said. “I dropped that second set but came back in the third. We were moving each other around the court a lot. That’s something we’ve been practicing.”

“I think I just played a bit more aggressive and caught him off-guard in the second set,” Fidelis said. “Carson fought really hard until the end. I started letting up on the gas, mentally. But he still fought and had the mental toughness to keep it in there.”

Ward also benefited from a small cheering section that quietly rooted him on.

“That was my mother, brother, aunt, and uncle,” Ward said. “I was really lucky to have them come. They live back in the Midwest.”


Results from Sept. 25 at Eastlake High School

1. Sammy Bharadwaj (E) def. Ethan Damham (W):6-2, 6-1
2. Pravar Dubey (E) def. Rocky Lindell (W): 6-4, 6-4
3. Carson Ward (W) def. Ryan Fidelis (E): 6-2, 4-6, 7-6(2)
4. Jared Patel (E) def. Camden Kirby (W): 6-4, 7-6(4)

1. Nambakam/Sugimoto (E) def. Demham/Cast (W): 6-2, 6-3
2. Kirby/Park (W) def. Baskar/Singh (E): 6-3, 7-5
3. Bakker/Kathuria (E) def. Pur/DeVilliers (W): 6-3, 7-5

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