Falcons come up short in barnburner

  • Written by Don Mann
Sean Sellers is out at home as Adam Mosebar makes the tag in the first inning. Photo by Don Mann.
With 14 walks and six errors it was no work of art, but the nearly three hour loser-out ball game was epic in tension and drama – including collisions on the base paths, balks called and uncalled, a coach’s ejection, a roving strike zone, 17 runs on 17 hits and a stunning comeback.

Down 8-5 in its final at bat, Inglemoor stormed back to score four runs and Viking senior Eric Rodgers – the fifth pitcher employed by the visitors – set down Woodinville in order as the Vikings bounced the Falcons from the KingCo tournament 9-8 at WHS on Tuesday.

In a wild and wooly contest that featured nine combined pitchers, Woodinville’s Shea Donlin, who was cruising over three and two-thirds relief innings with two hits, no walks and no runs allowed, took the ball in the seventh with a three-run lead and three outs to get.

Not so fast.

Blake Wilson tripled to dead center over T.C. Florentine’s head.

Emmett Maki, removed from the game after failing to get an out in the first inning, reentered and doubled into the left field corner to score Wilson. Viking sophomore Brandon Edwards slapped a single to right – his fourth hit of the game – to move Maki to third. Then Obie Taylor scorched a wicked line drive through the legs of third baseman Sean Sellers to score Maki to make it 8-7 and put runners on first and third with no outs.

Cody Bauman came on in relief of Donlin, and was greeted by Adam Mosebar’s sacrifice fly to tie it up. Garrett Vandiver was safe on a nubber toward shortstop, and Connor Savage drilled a double down the left field line to score Taylor with the go-ahead run before Bauman retired the last two outs.

Rodgers, who pitched four innings all season, took over for Sean Howard on the hill with a one-run lead. Clarke Bader led off with a deep drive to left center that was run down by Vandiver for the first out.

Rodgers got Beau Vintertun on a grounder, and then caught Nate Wilham looking with a curve to end the marathon – and Woodinville’s season.

The Falcons finished 14-7-1 overall.

Marty Luckenbach started on short rest for Woodinville and the junior failed to get out of the first inning, issuing four walks while absorbing three Falcon errors – including one of his own. Inglemoor scored four runs in the frame on one hit.

Woodinville came right back with three runs and chased Viking starter Maki before the left-hander recorded an out.

Inglemoor’s Peter Meiusi blasted a moon shot homer off of Kalei Kovar to lead off the second to make it 5-3, yet Woodinville scored twice in the third, twice in the fourth and once in the fifth to make it 8-5 and the Vikes looked dead in the water before late game heroics.

Donlin, who took the loss, went 2-for-3 with a double, two runs scored and two RBI. Howard pitched two and two-thirds innings, permitting one hit and striking out four, to notch the win.

Soccer coaches needed

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff

Cascade FC is accepting coaching applications for several recently formed competitive youth soccer teams. Please reply to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

Sports Stats - May 9, 2011

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff


Inglemoor 4 vs. Bothell 6 (@ Bothell, Apr. 28)

Batting Highlights: Inglemoor - Connor Sabage; Bothell - Rex Carlin, Dain Gilbert, Kevin McShane, John Mercer, Brad Monson

Pitching Highlights: Inglemoor - Obadiah Taylor (L); Bothell - Henry Baillargeon (W)


Bothell 4 vs. Ballard 3 (@ Ballard, Apr. 29)

Batting Highlights: Bothell - Jordan Johnson, Sam Lee, Ryan Morgan; Ballard - Brendan Foor, Rory Graf-Brennen, Oliver Guarino

Pitching Highlights: Bothell - Eric Gregory (S), Kevin McShane (W); Ballard - Oliver Guarino (L)


Garfield 0 vs. Bothell 1 (@ Bothell, May 2)

Batting Highlights: Garfield - Zack Ward; Bothell - Brian McAfee, Ryan Morgan

Pitching Highlights: Garfield - John Trupin (L); Bothell - Henry Baillargeon (S), Brian McAfee (W)



Bothell 0 vs. Eastlake 3 (@ Eastlake, Apr. 29)

Scoring summary: EAS - Devon DeAlteriis Shutout, EAS - Zack Wile Shutout, EAS - Sean Klauer (James Gee) 32:00, EAS - Sam Langston (un) 59:00, EAS - Sean Klauer (un) 76:00


Bothell 0 vs. Redmond 2 (@ Redmond, May 2)

Scoring summary: RED - Cody Munsell Shutout, RED - Grayson Raffensperger Shutout, RED - Tyler Bennett (Andrew 50:00, RED - Tyler Bennett Penalty kick



Bothell 284 vs. Garfield 358 (@ Jefferson GC, par 36)

Individuals — 1, Sydney Howard, B, 54; 2 (tie), Makenzie Krueger, B, and Gabi Darr, B, 56; 4, Jane Lee, B, 58; 5 (tie), Molly Nelson, B, and Lindsay Putnam, B, and Maddy Basom, B, 60.



Redmond 13 vs. Bothell 7 (@ Bothell, Apr. 29)

Batting Highlights: Redmond - Louise Chouinard, Christine Ho, Ashley Mitchell; Bothell - Arista Honey, Sammy Morris

Pitching Highlights: Redmond - Natalie Roberts (W)


Roosevelt 1 vs. Bothell 11 (@ Bothell, May 4)

Batting Highlights: Bothell - Arista Honey, Sammy Morris

Pitching Highlights: Roosevelt - Megan Campbell (L); Bothell - Julie Warner (W)



Bothell 4 vs. Roosevelt 3

Singles — Rebekah You, B, d. Natalie Hudacek 1-6, 6-4, 7-6; Amy Shearer, R, d. Aria Samora 6-1, 6-1; Amelie Fischer, R, d. Linda Vinitnantharat 6-0, 6-1; Julia Haussmann, R, d. Erica Takano 6-3, 6-3.

Doubles — Morgan Milner-Collen Byrne, B, d. Rochelle Wong-Emily Murphy 7-5, 6-3; Alina Espinoza-Raven Anderson, B, d. Yong Yong Li-Suji Strain-Kokich 6-3, 6-1; Sadie Rath-Tammy Tarhini, B, d. Nicole Kraft-Leah Chen 6-0, 6-0.



Roosevelt 4 vs. Inglemoor 5 (@ Inglemoor, May 3)

Batting Highlights: Roosevelt - Reid Martinez; Inglemoor - Connor Sabage

Pitching Highlights: Inglemoor - Dustin Doucett (W)



Inglemoor 2 vs. Seattle Prep 3 (@ Seattle Prep, Apr. 29)

Scoring summary: SP - AJ Ayres (Robby Dohrn) 13:00, SP - Riley Coleman (un) 1:00, ING - Matt King (Michael Barclay) 24:00, SP - Mark Harris (AJ Ayres) 49:00, ING - Greg Hubert (Mehron Abdi) 72:00


Eastlake 2 vs. Inglemoor 0 (@ Inglemoor, May 3)

Scoring summary: EAS - Devon DeAlteriis Shutout, EAS - Sean Klauer (Sam Langston) 18:00, EAS - Sean Klauer (James Gee) 48:00




Skyline 5 vs. Inglemoor 1 (@ Inglemoor, Apr. 29)

Batting Highlights: Skyline - Lindsey Nicholson; Inglemoor - Shelby Johnson, Taylor Peacocke

Pitching Highlights: Skyline - Charlotte Zhao (W); Inglemoor - Hayley Lowe (L)


Inglemoor 16 vs. Redmond 10 (@ Redmond, May 2)

Batting Highlights: Inglemoor - Taylor Peacocke, Holly Sandborg; Redmond: Christine Ho, Chelsea Rakonza, Natalie Roberts

Pitching Highlights: Inglemoor - Allison Harrington (W); Redmond - Emily Graves (L)


Inglemoor 16 vs. Redmond 10 (@ Redmond, May 2)

Batting Highlights: Inglemoor - Taylor Peacocke, Holly Sandborg; Redmond - Christine Ho, Chelsea Rakonza, Natalie Roberts

Pitching Highlights: Inglemoor - Allison Harrington (W); Redmond - Emily Graves (L)



Redmond 4 vs. Inglemoor 3

Singles — Sarah Du, R, d. Leanne Thiw 6-0, 6-0; Raluca INfrim, R, d. Eunice Pyon 6-0, 6-1; Katya Racjhel, I, d. Anna Alsin 6-0, 6-0; Priya Ganesan, R, d. Kira Thurman 7-5, 6-1.

Doubles — Jasmine Singh-McKayla Dear, I, d. Jeneal Carter-Meg Holtzinger 6-1, 6-0; Audrey Wu-Hannah Talmage, I, d. Sophia Xu-Dana Simmons 2-6, 6-4, 6-4; Marissa Craig-Sara Boye, R, d. Kaitlin Stair-Alissa Irvine 6-4, 6-4.


Inglemoor 5 vs. Bothell 2

Singles — Jasmine Singh, I, d. Rebekah You 6-0, 6-0; Aria Samora, B, d. Eunice Pyon 6-2, 6-4; Leanne Thim, I, d. Linda Vinitnantharat 4-6, 6-2, 6-2; Erica Takano, B, d. Katya Rajchel 7-6, 7-6.

Doubles — Audrey Wn-Hannah Talmage, I, d. Morgan Milner-Colleen Byrne 6-4, 6-4; Sammie Tran-Anna Elbener, I, d. Raven Anderson-Alina Espinoza 6-2, 6-7, 7-5; Yerae Seo-Kira Thurman, I, d. Gracen Rubo-Sadie Rath 7-6, 6-0.



Woodinville 14 vs. Roosevelt 11 (@ Roosevelt, Apr. 29)

Batting Highlights: Woodinville - Max Carter, Shea Donlin, T.C. Florentine, Nate Wilhan; Roosevelt - Graylin Derke, Daniel Iwata, Zach Naon

Pitching Highlights: Woodinville - Cody Bauman (W); Roosevelt - David Holt (L)



Woodinville 1 vs. Newport 2 (@ Newport, Apr. 29)

Scoring summary: WOO - Shawn Doty (Austin James) 20:00, NEW - Michael Kahn (Beni Ieremie) 38:00, NEW - Perry Nunes (Kyle Savette) 53:00


Skyline 2 vs. Woodinville 1 (Overtime win) (@ Woodinville, May 3)

Scoring summary: SKY - Jake Bechtel (un) 13:00, WOO - (un) 61:00, SKY - Kyle Olmstead (un) 83:00



Skyline 280 vs. Woodinville 315 (@ Plateau GC, par 36)

Individuals — 1, Bri Hemming, W, 51; 2, Bryalynn Vowels, S, 52; 3, Layla Hiramoto, S, 53; 4, Shirley Young, S, 55; 5, Ashley Wadsworth, W, 59.


Woodinville 274 vs. Garfield 334 (@ Wayne GC, par 34)

Individuals — 1, Bri Hemming, W, 42; Varisha Khan, W, 48; Ashley Wadsworth, W, 57; Madeline Smith, W, 59.



Ballard 0 vs. Woodinville 5 (@ Woodinville, Apr. 28)

Batting Highlights: Ballard - Amry Kimmerly; Woodinville - Sara Anderson, Kayla O'Farrell

Pitching Highlights: Ballard - Andrea Jewett (L); Woodinville - Madi Schreyer (W)


Issaquah 1 vs. Woodinville 2 (@ Woodinville, Apr. 29)

Batting Highlights: Woodinville - Kayla O'Farrell, Shelby Yasuda

Pitching Highlights: Issaquah - Brielle Bray (L); Woodinville - Keelin Davis (W)


Woodinville 16 vs. Newport 1 (@ Newport, May 3)

Batting Highlights: Woodinville - Alex Boyd, Katie Engelbrecht, Shelby Yasuda

Pitching Highlights: Woodinville - Madi Schreyer (W); Newport - Kayla Reynolds (L)



Newport 6 vs. Woodinville 1

Singles — Angela Chen, N, d. Cora Byers, 6-0, 6-0; Amie Vo, N, d. Claire Dougherty, W, 6-0, 6-0; Rixing Xu, N, d. Jenny Foote, 7-5, 0-6, 6-1.

Doubles — Jane Choi-Emily Chen, N, d. Evelyn Flint-Geena Glen, 3-6, 6-1, 6-2; Faith Mach-Alice Chu, N, d. Hannah Wiser-Kelsey Hammond, 7-5, 2-6, 6-3; Emily Chambers-Jenna Graham, W, d. Crystal Shen-Amy Yuan, 6-3, 4-6, 4-6.



Inglemoor 87, Garfield 60, Bothell 36

Shot put — Sharavayon Proctor, G, 28-08. Discus — J. Anderson, I, 79-09. Javelin — Anderson, I, 106-04. High jump — Sturtevant, I, 4-10. Long jump — Baileh Simms, G, 17-10.75. Triple jump — Nhautrey Brown, G, 34-06. Pole vault — Torgerson, I, 9-00. 100 hurdles — Berge, I, 15-02. 300 hurdles — Berge, I, 48.7. 100 — Baileh Simms, G, 12.5. 200 — Monson, I, 26.9. 400 — Gill, B, 63.1. 800 — Burke, I, 2:27.8. 1,600 — Lystad, I, 5:26.7. 3,200 — Dahl, B, 12:45. 400 relay — Garfield, 50.6. 800 relay — Inglemoor, 1:49.5. 1,600 relay — Inglemoor, 4:17.2.

Inglemoor 87, Garfield 60, Bothell 36

Shot put — Enabulelle, B, 31-11.50. Discus — J. Anderson, I, 79-09. Javelin — J. Anderson, I, 106-04. High jump — Sturtevant, I, 4-10. Long jump — Simms, G, 17-10.75. Triple jump — Brown, G, 34-06. Pole vault — Torgerson, I, 9-00. 100 hurdles — Berge, I, 15.2. 300 hurdles — Berge, I, 48.7. 100 — Simms, G, 12.5. 200 — Monson, I, 26.9. 400 — Gill, B, 63.1. 800 — Burke, I, 2:27.08. 1,600 — Lystad, I, 5:26.07. 3,200 — Dahl, B, 12:45.0. 400 relay — Garfield 50.6. 800 relay — Inglemoor 1:49.5. 1,600 relay — Inglemoor 4:17.02.

Bothell boys, Inglemoor girls dominate Northshore meet

  • Written by Don Mann
Dylan Langston, far left, ran a 11.12 to win the 100 meter dash at the Northshore District Meet at IHS on Thursday. Bothell’s Trent Sewell, far right, finished second, Inglemoor’s Jordan Gray, second from left, finished third and Woodinville’s Brent Constantine finished sixth. Photo by Don Mann.
Bothell’s Dylan Langston won convincingly in the 100 meter and 200 meter dashes to lead the Cougar boys’ team to victory, and Inglemoor’s Erin Allen swept the 100 meter and 300 meter hurdles while Hannah Stevenson doubled in long jump and triple jump to pace the Lady Vikings.

But there was plenty of success to spread around under highly-changeable skies at the Northshore District track meet Thursday at IHS — all four seasons in one day.

The Woodinville boys took top honors in four events, the Lady Falcons won five. Kurtis Max won the 110 meter hurdles at 16.90 seconds, Jake Hollister bested Bothell’s Greg Williams in the discus by two inches with a heave of 131’11, Austin Sodorff took the pole vault at 14’6, and Jeff Willie tied Inglemoor’s Sean Mukai in the high jump at 5’10.

On the girls’ side, Christina Gonzalez-Gandolfi won the 100 meter dash at 13.14, Chandler Olson won the 800 meter run at 2:18.92, Maddie Graham won the 1600 at 5:30.05.

Melissa Gilkey topped in javelin with a throw of 119’07, and tied for first in high jump with Inglemoor’s Kaitlyn Hollis and Katie Sturtevant at 4’6.

The KingCo Track and Field Championships begin Wednesday and continue Friday at Juanita High School.

Erin Allen, left, has one jump remaining on her way to victory in the 100 meter hurdles. Inglemoor’s Becca Berge, middle, finished second while Woodinville’s Christina Gonzalez-Gandolfi, right, finished fourth. Photo by Don Mann.
Other Northshore meet winners:

(Boys) 400 meters: Chayce Sather, Bothell, 50.76; 800 meters: Chris Arneson, Bothell, 1:59.40; 1600 meters: Michael Mendenhall, Inglemoor, 4:32.08; 3200 meters: Chris Wilson, Inglemoor, 10:22.68; 300 meter hurdles: Camden McKone, Bothell, 42.94; Shot Put: Brendan Peterson, Bothell, 47’11.50; Javelin: Braden Foley, Bothell, 157’0; Long Jump: Danny Wilson, Bothell, 19’11.5; Triple Jump: Jordan Claudon, Bothell, 39’04.25.

(Girls) 200 meters: Brooke Monson, Inglemoor, 26.65; 400 meters: Anne Seckinger, Inglemoor, 1:02.49; 3200 meters: Kyra Burke, Inglemoor, 11:42.24; Shot Put: Evana Enabuele, Bothell, 31’09; Discus: Emily J. Anderson, Inglemoor, 82’; Pole Vault: Isabella Torgerson, Inglemoor, 9’0.

Relay scores were unavailable.

The Bothell boys’ team finished the regular season undefeated.

"That was one of the team goals for the season," Cougar coach Cathy Boyce said. "We have several goals left to accomplish and need to be focused over the next few weeks to make them a reality. But I was pleased with our performance.

"Some people really stepped up for us and that is what we’re going to need for success at KingCo."

Falcon girls aim high at KingCo tourney

  • Written by Don Mann
Left to right, Woodinville tennis’ Cora Byers, Claire Dougherty, Jenny Foote and Erika Springer are headed to the KingCo Girls’ Tennis Tournament at Skyline HS on Wednesday, but three of the four WHS singles’ players will be playing doubles. Photo by Don Mann.
The Woodinville girls tennis team’s last two matches were rained out Thursday and Friday and will not be rescheduled as the KingCo Tennis Tournament begins Wednesday at Skyline High School in Sammamish.

Thus, the Lady Falcons finish the regular season with a 6-2 record, 8-2 overall, third place in KingCo.

Woodinville will have a different look entering postseason with Cora Byers, Jenny Foote and Erika Springer — who played singles all season — opting to play doubles.

"It was by player request," coach Jay McGinness said of the shakeup. "Byers and Foote wanted to enter as a doubles’ team."

That means Evelyn Flint and Emily Chambers will join Claire Dougherty in singles, respectively, with Dougherty, No. 2 most of the season, now playing No.1.

Because of its third place finish, the Lady Falcons get to enter three singles’ players and three doubles’ teams in the tournament.

The doubles’ teams will be, in order, Byers and Foote, Hannah Wiser and Kelsey Hammond, with Springer teaming with Geena Glen.

During the regular season the singles’ rotation was generally Byers, Dougherty, Foote and Springer, in that order, and went 19-10 overall in league.

Byers went 2-4 against the opponent’s top player, Dougherty went 4-4, Foote 6-1 and Springer 7-1.

Woodinville doubles’ teams, which included Jenna Graham and Mikhaela Hatch, combined for a 15-6 league record, with the Wiser/Hammond tandem notching a 3-2 record against top-tier competition.

McGinness said it’s been a rewarding, yet difficult year.

"I enjoy the camaraderie of the players, the opportunity to work with them to help improve their game, and to witness the result of their hard work and dedication," he said. "But this season, weather-wise, has been very frustrating. The major frustration for the players and coaches was the lack of outdoor court time for the players to be able to challenge and establish themselves within the team ladder, but the girls maintained a great attitude and were always up for their matches and even made the most of our numerous indoor practices in the gym.

There is a lot of talent on this team, as well as a fine group of caring young ladies. We’re not seeded high in this tournament but there is always room for surprises. Our girls should be competitive."