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Duvall Fire recruiting volunteer emergency responders

The car had slid sideways off the road, hitting a telephone pole and trapping the driver inside.  You cut the roof off the car, and then help to lift the patient out while protecting his neck and spine.  As the patient is loaded into the medic unit for transport to Harborview, your department pager starts beeping.  You look up at the rest of the crew as you put away the Jaws of Life and collect your bunker coat and helmet.  What is it?  Another car accident?  An aid call?  Fire?  It doesn’t matter what it is; you are going and you are prepared.  You are a volunteer firefighter/Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) with Duvall Fire, working a 12-hour night shift alongside experienced career and volunteer responders. 

2014 DUI Drill Fire Dept 106(Courtesy photo)Duvall Fire is currently recruiting men and women who live in our community  and  want  to be volunteer firefighter/EMTs.  Volunteer firefighter/EMTs come from all walks of life and have included students, engineers, loggers, police officers, mechanics, and software and IT professionals.

Volunteer firefighters work shifts and respond to emergencies alongside full-time firefighters, providing life-saving services to the community.  In addition, volunteer responders gain valuable skills and experience, gain confidence in their own abilities, and get to work with some great people. 

Many Duvall Fire volunteer responders go on to careers as full time firefighters with Duvall or with other regional departments.

The next recruit class will begin Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) training in September 2018 and then begin firefighter training later  in 2019. Training includes many weeknights and many weekends.

At the conclusion of their initial training, volunteer firefighters and EMTs receive remuneration for time spent in training and working shifts.  This can range from $400 to $1000 a month, depending on the level of experience, training, and number of shifts worked.

Dashiell Hei says the greatest reward he gets from serving as a volunteer firefighter is “the opportunity to help those in need and the chance to save lives…that is my greatest motivation to do my best for this department and the citizens of our community.”

You can learn more by attending one of the information nights scheduled for Tuesday February 20th, Tuesday March 20th, and Tuesday April 17th, all at 7 p.m. at the Duvall Fire headquarters (at 15600 First Ave NE). RSVPs are encouraged. Call 425-788-1625. 

Volunteer firefighter candidates must live within the Duvall King County Fire District 45 boundary, be at least 18 years old, have graduated from high school, have an insurable driving record, pass a background check, and pass the following tests: physical capability test, a written test (for assessing reading comprehension), medical exam, and psychological evaluation.  

Duvall Fire serves the City of Duvall and surrounding area of unincorporated King County.  The department responds to fires, aid calls, and service calls and relies on a well-trained team of volunteer and career responders.  Volunteers sign up for day shifts or night shifts, any day of the week.  Duvall Fire provides firefighter and EMS training to qualified candidates, and provides all the necessary equipment. There is no cost to  the volunteer to participate in this program.

Applications are available starting Monday February 5th at Duvall Fire headquarter station during regular business hours (and by special arrangement outside of business hours) as well as online at  Completed applications are due at 5 p.m., Friday, April 27th.

For additional information and to sign up for one of the information nights, call Duvall Fire at 425-788-1625.

Becoming a volunteer firefighter/EMT is a significant commitment.  But the rewards and satisfaction are tremendous.

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