Oath Ceremony-Duvall Mayor and City Council

  • Written by Valley View Staff

The City of Duvall welcomed their new Mayor and City Councilmembers during the “Oath of Office” ceremony on January 2, 2018.

The City installed its first new Mayor in 12 years, in addition to four newly elected councilmembers and one reelected councilmember.

HeadshotsandCeremony001 3From left to right (standing) Mayor Amy Ockerlander, Matthew Eyer, Jason Walker, Becky Nixon, Amy McHenry. From left to right (seated) Dianne Brudnicki, Jennifer Knaplund, Michelle Hogg. (photo by Antonelli’s Photography, LLC)After serving two terms on the City Council, Amy Ockerlander was sworn in as the fourth woman Mayor of the City of Duvall.

“I am excited to take on this new role and work for our community at a different level, and I am thrilled to welcome those reelected, as well as the new members to the City Council,” said Ockerlander. “We have a lot of complex work ahead in the next four years and I look forward to working with the new council to continue improving our community.”

Dianne Brudnicki, a long time councilmember and community advocate, was reelected and will be continuing on from her previous term.

Matthew Eyer  and  Michelle  Hogg were appointed to fill vacancies earlier in 2017 and then both successfully elected in November to continue their service.

Amy McHenry and Jennifer Knaplund were also sworn in, both serving the City in their first terms.

The new members will comprise a majority of the next seven person Council. Not since 1932 when the then “Town of Duvall” elected an all female Council (four person) and Mayor, Mabel Bourke; has the City had a council of more than four women serving in roles within Mayor and Council.

The Honorable Donna Tucker, Chief Presiding Judge for King County District Court administered the oath of office.

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