Letters to the Editor - 3/12/18 (Valley View)

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I wanted to thank you for a terrific edition of the Valley View. I just finished reading Vol 32 No 10 from February 12, 2018. I loved the piece about Science on Wheels!  It was fascinating to read about the program and its beginning during the gas crisis. I love that Wash. cares so much about science and was excited to have participated in the March for Science. I remember going to Space Camp as a child and spending my summer breaks in science camp at my local science museum. I hope when I have children and they attend Stillwater Elementary that this program will still be around.
I also wanted to thank you for the Rainbow Bingo event listing. My husband and I have been wanting to attend and are keeping an eye on the event dates to find one that falls when we are both off work. So I really appreciate the announcement.
The last piece I wanted to praise you on was the Bigfoot article. I did not grow up in Wash. and was previously unaware how special Sasquatch is to the state. The entire article was new information and I loved every bit of it (including the movie frame photo, as I have not seen the film).  
Thank you for all of your work and the efforts you make each day. I have enjoyed every edition since moving to Carnation two years ago.
Michelle Schafer

THANK YOU Michelle for your kind words! 

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