County donates retired van to Carnation Farms

  • Written by Valley View Staff

King County Council Representative Kathy Lambert is on the scene of a retired Kind County Metro van that the county donated to Carnation Farms for educational programs.

carnation farms vanCarnation Farms board members and staff (L to R), Stella Oderyd, Daniel Oderyd, Sarah Oderyd, Hannah Cavendish-Palmer, and Elbridge Stuart along with Kathy Lambert, King County Council Representative, and Jeff Gottlieb.

“Each year a few used vans are donated to organizations in the district to help the community,” according to Lambert. “Carnation Farms will use this van to take kids to and from their educational programs.”

Those programs include teaching kids about where foods are grown and the importance of farming. Carnation farms was established in the early 20th Century to produce milk and conduct research, but the farm now teaches classes about farming, cooking and the skills that go along with that.

"We've dubbed the van the 'Eggplant' and we'll use it to transport kids to the farm for summer camp and for Rooted, a youth employment program," explains Hannah Cavendish-Palmer, Director of Strategy and Operations for Carnation Farms.

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