Non-profit Works To Defeat Poverty In India Through Free Education

  • Written by Valley View Staff

Fresh off the plane from a trip to Andhra Pradesh, India, Carnation resident Misty Carpenter, founder and president of the local non-profit, YES! Kindness Works, marvels at the similarities of people here at home and in the far-away communities that she has just visited. “As jarringly different as our living conditions are, at a base level we are just neighbors who want the same things. We all want to feel safe, help our kids succeed and enjoy some day-to-day happiness”.

educationMisty Carpenter visits one of the school children in India her nonprofit helps educate. (courtesy photo)

YES! Kindness Works’ mission is to defeat poverty by providing  free education and support services to children in an area that has been overlooked by the Indian government. Kids that do not have the opportunity to attend school are left to roam the city dump for valuable scraps, dry fish on the river bank or work in the mining industry. Human trafficking is a scary reality.

During her recent trip Misty was encouraged to see that the dump is now free of children and that the YES! School students are engaged in their studies, playing happily and looking well nourished. “We have fantastic people on the ground in India. These are the same people we have worked with for years, but there’s nothing like seeing the programs in person.”, she says about her recent trip.

YES! Kindness Works is a grassroots organization. Although working for over 12 years, It only recently formally became a registered non-profit.

The organization hosts an annual Hoedown themed fundraiser in Carnation. This years event is slated for August 10. More information will be available at and the organization’s Facebook page.

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