Duvall Facility Fee Increases

Duvall City Council decided to increase some facility fees after after questions and comments to city hall, the mayor's office and at the recent council meeting.
The city proposed upping the charges and adding an alcohol application fee in order to bring fees closer to comparable fees and to "gain better cost recovery," according to Mayor Amy Ockerlander's Face Book explanation.
But public feedback proved problematic.
"People thought it was a pretty big increase," according to Council Member Michele Hogg.
The council decided at the March 5 meeting, to delay action on the increases until at least the next meeting of the City Council. During public comments at that proceeding, Holly Caldwell and Kin Ramirez, area residents, indicated they thought the proposed fees were too high, and would result in their having to move events to other facilities. The commentary about the fees being too high was continued by a representative from the Duvall Chamber of Commerce. Connie Zimmerman, of the Duvall Historical Society and Duvall Foundation of the Arts said city meeting facilities are  a valuable resource to the community, but cautioned against any efforts that would hinder community groups from providing service to residents.
Council readdressed the facility fees at the March 19 meeting, where there was " depth discussion on fees but we came to a good consensus," according to  Hogg.
That consensus was to raise some fees, but to a lesser extent than originally proposed, with fees for the Rose Room to stay the same. Because of normal procedures for passing such measures, the formal approval of the increases will occur at an upcoming council meeting.

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