Duvall Police Blotter

Marking property that is not yours with graffiti is not cool edition. 
Malicious mischief-05/03/2019 @ 5:12PMat McCormick Park: Officers getting ready for the upcoming police bicycle patrol class were flagged down by a citizen who reported vandalism to a city building. Officers rode around the area and located two suspects who were detained. After investigating, officers determined they had probable cause and charges for malicious mischief will be forward to the prosecutor.
Suspicious-05/03/2019 @ 7:29PM near the 14000 block of Main Street NE: Officers dispatched to report of suspicious activity in the Safeway parking lot. Officers arrived. Suspicious activity had ceased.
COP activity-05/04/2019 @9:39AM at Cedarcrest High School: Officers spent time at Little League baseball games and operated a handheld radar unit for baseball speeds.  One officer may have thrown an arm out trying for a high speed.
Malicious mischief-05/09/2019 @ 12:45PM near the 15400 block of Main Street NE: Officer took a report of graffiti damage done to the back side of a local business-totally not cool!
Theft-05/09/2019 @ 4:03PM near the 14500 block of First Lane: Officer took a report of some tools taken from the bed of a pickup truck, sometime during the night. Also not cool.
Lockout-05/10/2019 @ 8:56AM near the 15700 block of Main Street NE:  Did you know the Duvall Police Department will assist you in opening your vehicle if you lock your keys inside?  Well, on this day a driver found out they do and the officer was quickly able to open the vehicle. 
Traffic offense-05/11/2019 @ 8:18AM near the 14800 block of Main Street NE: Officer stopped a vehicle and after investigating determined the registered owner had not transfer the title of her vehicle within 45 days.  The RO was given a verbal warning for failing to transfer the title and issued an infraction for not having insurance.
Animal-05/11/2019 @ 2:45PM at Duvall Police Department: Officer was contacted at the PD and it was reported a dog was locked in a vehicle, turned off, and windows rolled up. Officer located the owner within 5 minutes and it was explained to him the safety concerns of leaving a dog in vehicle in warmer weather.
Traffic offense-05/12/2019 @ 3:13PM near the 15800 block of Main street NE:  Officer Stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation and after investigating determined the driver had a suspended license and failed to transfer the title of her vehicle within 45 days.  The driver was given an infraction for driving without a valid license and advised not to drive.
Assault-05/16/2019 @ 4:01PM near the 28500 block of NE 149thPlace: Officers responded to a local residence to assist another police agency in the arrest of a suspect. Upon contacting the suspect, he began fighting officers and causing an injury to an officer. The suspect was arrested and booked into jail.
Welfare check-05/16/2019 @ 8:48Pm near the 15500 block of Main Street NE: Officer was dispatched to a welfare check of a female who was homeless and needed a place to stay.  Officer arrived and made arrangements for her to be transported to the closest shelter and then transported her to the shelter.
Traffic offense-05/18/2019 @ 11:32AM near the 27700 block of NE Cherry Valley Road: Officer stopped a vehicle and after investigating determined the driver of the vehicle had a suspended license.  The driver was issued an infraction for not having a valid license and the King County re-licensing program was explained to him. 
Fugitive arrest-05/22/2019 @ 3:24 PM near the 14000 block of Main Street NE: While investigating a traffic infraction, officer discovered the driver's presence was being requested by Snohomish County Sheriff's Office. Officer transported the driver to a meet with a deputy.
Fugitive arrest-05/23/2019 @ 8:50AM at the Duvall Police Department: Officer arrested a person who reported to the PD to take care of a warrant.  The person was subsequently transported to King County Jail for booking for the warrant.   

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